10 Best Travel Trailers With King Beds

At home, we have a king bed and for us a camper without one is not an option. There are many travel trailers with king beds and below we list the Top 10 best travel trailers that have king beds.

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Top Travel Trailers With king Beds

Let take a look at each of the (10) floor plans, so you can get a better feel of the interior placement of the king bed.

Keystone Cougar

travel trailers with king beds

The Keystone Cougar 1/2 ton travel trailer has a king bed in all of their floor plans. The bed is located towards the front of the hitch. On either side of the king bed is a wardrobe, and there is also overhead storage. The king bed does not seem to take away from the other living areas on this travel trailer. Learn about the Cougar here.

Cruiser RV Radiance

Cruiser RV Radiance with king bed

The Cruiser RV Radiance is a 25-foot 5-inch travel trailer that has a king bed toward the front of the hitch. Unfortunately, the floor plan detail does not show if there is storage on either side of the king bed. There appears to be a nightstand on either side but no wardrobe space. Visit the Radiance website for more details.

Prime Time Manufacturing Lacrosse

travel trailers that have king beds

The Prime Time Lacrosse is about 36-foot in length so there is plenty of space for a king bed. The location of the king bed on this travel trailer is the same as the others, towards the front of the hitch. There is overhead space above the king bed and some storage space on either side of the bed. Due to the length of the Lacrosse very little if any space has to be given up in the other living areas to accommodate the king bed.

Palomino Puma 31FKRK

Palomino Puma 31FKRK

The Palomino Puma is almost 40-feet in length so accommodating a king bed was easy. To save floor space they have designed the bed to be towards the rear of the travel trailer in a slide out. This creates space around the king bed and allows for the addition of lots of wardrobe space and overhead storage.

Grand Design RV Reflection 315RLTS

Grand Design travel trailer with king bed

The Grand Design RV which is one of our recommended best travel trailer brands, does not come with a king bed as a standard feature, however, an optional upgrade replaced the queen bed with a very nice king bed. The king bed is located towards the hitch end of the travel trailer. The layout of the king bed minimizes the loss of space in the bedroom area. This layout allows for a wardrobe closet, space for a dresser and overhead storage.

K-Z RV 362BH

best travel trailer for 2019

The K-Z 362BH not only offer a king bed but two-bunks beds as well. Overall this is an excellent floor plan for a family with kids. The king bed is located towards the rear of the travel trailer and the design allows for plenty of space in the bedroom. There is a wardrobe closet and a regular closet as well as room for a dresser. This K-Z floor plan is one of our favorites.

Venture RV SportTrek Touring

best travel trailers with huge king bed

The Venture RV SportTrek Touring offers a king bed in just about every floor plan. The king bed is located towards the front of the travel trailer and the slide-out design offer plenty of space around the bed itself. There is a wardrobe in the bedroom along with a nice window seat. Overhead cabinet storage along with room for a dresser is also available. Excellent layout for a top this top-rated travel trailer.

Jayco Eagle

King bed travel trailers

The Jayco Eagle does not come with a king bed as a standard option. In order to get a king bed, you will need to add it as an option. The Jayco Eagle is a very nicely designed floor plan and the king bed does not take away much from the floor space. Like several of the other travel trailers featured on this page, the bedroom is a slide-out design. There is lots of storage, overhead cabinets, and room for a dresser.

Dutchmen Denali

Best travel trailers with king bed

With a length of just 35-feet, the Dutchmen Denali packs a lot of features. One of those is a king bed towards the front of the platform. The slide-out bedroom allows for the king bed as well as a small wardrobe and lots of overhead cabinets for storage. Not one of our favorite floor plans but it nonetheless offer a king bed which makes it comfortable for those used to sleeping on queen or king beds.

Highland Ridge RV Open Range

Best travel trailers with king beds

The Highland Ridge RV Open Range offers the king bed as an option on most of their floor plans. Depending on the floor plan you will get plenty of room around the bed as well as a lot of overhead storage. The Open Range has a nice and open layout that we like quite a bit.

In general, any of the travel trailers with king beds featured are this page will give you what you need. In terms of which one to choose that obviously is going to depend on your needs and your budget. As we always recommend; do your research before making a final purchase decision.

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