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5 Best Fiberglass Travel Trailers [With Videos]

Published on November 23rd, 2021 by Ray & Tammy Roman
This post was updated on December 13th, 2021

For those who love a smooth ride with a sharp RV appearance and lightweight build, getting the best fiberglass travel trailers would just be the best decision to make.

Apart from the spectacular lightweight construction, fiberglass trailers also offer a noise-free riding experience along with an aerodynamic design.

best fiberglass travel trailers

Packed with tons and tons of benefits, these trailers can be a highly dependable companion in harsh climate conditions.

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5 Best Fiberglass Travel Trailers

Here in our guide, we’ll talk about the 5 best picks you can count on. We’ll mention both their strengths and flaws for an overall understanding. Let’s begin!

1. Scamp FiberGlass Trailer

To start it off, we present you with the Scamp trailer. This one is a good fit, especially for those who like to travel small. Designed compactly, the Scamp trailer would make an outstanding family trailer with an added comfortable maneuverability.

Durability is something that worries everyone, and Scamp covers that too. Reinforced with heavy durability, these trailers are built to last longer.

Finally, similar to the Casita Trailer, you’re also getting ample space to house all your desired items at once.

The finishing or construction quality may not be top-notch, but on the whole, this is surely something you can go for. It is one of the best fiberglass travel trailers you can buy!


  • Compact design makes it easy to maneuver
  • Works as an ideal family trailer
  • High durability for long term use
  • Offers ample space to have all your things on board


  • Construction quality can be improved

2. Bigfoot Fiberglass Trailer

At 2nd spot, we have Bigfoot, a name in the trailer industry that everyone knows. We’re going to highlight its specifications.

Bigfoot’s 2500 series trailers come with exceptionally advanced R-8 insulation, which would offer a decent living experience even in harsh climates.

If you have a large family and like to travel big with everyone onboard, going for the bigfoot trailer would be the right decision to make. It offers a highly spacious interior to get everyone on board.

On top of that, this one offers an unbelievably attractive aesthetic design as well.

You may have slight issues with the tank sensors but, overall, it’s a dependable trailer for the road!


  • Insulated outer surface offers livable conditions in harsh climates
  • The roomy interior makes it ideal for large families
  • A highly aesthetic appearance makes it attractive
  • Can house all the home amenities easily


  • May have slight problems with tank sensors

3. Dub Box Fiberglass Trailer

At the third spot on the list, we have the Dub Box trailer. A Dub Box trailer is made tremendously lightweight, which would let you handle it easily on the highways like the Scamp Fiberglass Trailer.

If you’re a comfort-friendly traveler who loves having all the home amenities on board, this one should be an incredible purchase to go ahead with.

Because, from stoves to sinks, showers, and refrigerators, you’re getting it all in one package in this one.

This one comes with a water heater that can provide you with warm water on the go for winter voyages.

Weather curtains would keep the environment cooler, and the added table would make breakfast more enjoyable.

The paint job may not always meet expectations, but keeping aside minor flaws, it’s a quality trailer on the whole!


  • Lightweight camper makes it easy to tow
  • Offers all the home amenities from the shower to fridges and stoves
  • Water heater for tackling winter weather
  • Weather curtains prevent overheating


  • The paint job may have slight issues

4. Happier Camper

In the final parts of our guide, we have the Happier Camper. It’s a very innovative camper and one of the reasons I chose it as one of the best fiberglass travel trailers.

Thanks to the honeycomb flooring structure, this trailer offers a tremendously aesthetic design like the Bigfoot Fiberglass Trailer.

One good thing about this one is its absolute customizability. You can customize the entire layout as you desire for a more personalized touch.

Heating is something that gets you going in the harsh winter conditions, and Happier Camper provides you with that too. Electric fans, on the other hand, would offer the necessary comfort in the hot summertime.

They can be prone to wear after some time of use, but on the whole, it’s a trailer you can certainly go for!


  • Aesthetic honeycomb gives it a pleasing appearance
  • Offers tremendous customizability for a personalized touch
  • Added heating capability makes it more comfortable in the winter
  • Fans keep the inside cooler for better summer living


  • Can be prone to premature wear and tear

5. Casita Trailer

Finally, we have the Casita trailer on the list. Let’s find out what it’s all about.

If you’re looking for a quality lightweight trailer like the Dub Box Fiberglass Trailer, Casita can certainly fill in the gap. Despite being lightweight, Casita offers an outstandingly roomy interior which would help you get all the family members on board.

Further, the vastly open floor planning would offer unbelievable ease in movement.

The bathroom added with the trailer would make long journeys a whole lot easier.

Moreover, the fanned vents would get all the hot air out and bring in the touch of coolness on a hot summer day.

It can be prone to wearing upon long-term use, but, all things considered, this should be a quality trailer you can go for.


  • Lightweight construction makes it a cost-effective trailer
  • Roomy interior space for easy movement
  • Added bathroom sustains longer travel time
  • Fanned vents maintain airflow


  • Can be prone to wearing under long use

Frequently Asked Questions

Which travel trailers are made of fiberglass?

Scamp, Casita, and Bigfoot are some of the quality fiberglass trailers

Are fiberglass travel trailers good?

Yes, they offer incredible performance!

3. Which is better: metal or fiberglass travel trailer?

Fiberglass is the better one of the two.

Best Fiberglass Travel Trailers Final Thoughts

We’ve discussed some of the best fiberglass travel trailers you can find right now. Unlike the other trailers, the fiberglass trailers offer exceptional durability while being lightweight at the same time.

So, you’re getting sturdy trailers to venture into the outdoors to your heart’s desire.

If you’re someone who fancies off-grid living with all the household amenities, going for a quality fiberglass-constructed trailer should be a wise decision.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your preferred fiberglass trailer today and dominate the outdoors as you should!

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