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Top 7 Best Off-Road Campers [With Videos]

Published on August 12th, 2021 by Ray & Tammy Roman
This post was updated on March 14th, 2024

Off-Road Campers are travel trailers made to be taken off the beaten path. They are designed to be highly rugged and durable; Off-Road Campers have the features that allow you to stay off-grid for days, weeks, and even months, just perfect for boondocking.

After some extensive research, I have come up with the Top 7 Best Off-Road Camping Trailers list. They are also referred to as overland, expedition, and off-road campers, among many. Let’s get started with my top 10 list.

Bruder Campers

Bruder meaning “brother” is an Australian RV manufacturer with two models of off-road campers in their line-up. The EXP-4 is a rugged teardrop-type camper, while the EXP 6 is more like a traditional pull-behind. However, it is nothing like a conventional pull-behind. This off-grid camper is a serious beast.

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Off-grid Campers
Bet you can’t do this with your travel trailer!

The Bruder EXP-6 is available in two different configurations. The EXP 6 has a roof that moves up and down using a roof lift patented by Bruder. The EXP-6 GT has a fixed roof that is taller.

Either version of the EXP-6 can be customized with several available options.

Several technological features make the EXP 6 a great on-road camper. For example, leveling is done with a touch of a button. Not only does it level automatically, but it will also adjust its height depending on the terrain.

Inside is a touch screen that allows you to control lights, suspension, etc. You can also manage those settings from a smartphone app, and you can pre-save your settings as well.

Bruder EXP 6 Videos

Bruder EXP-6 Video shows this off-road camper’s capabilities.

This expedition camper is expensive, starting at $180,000. Still, for those who are passionate about their outdoor adventures and have the money to plunk down on one of the best expedition campers on the market, the Bruder EXP6 is well worth the price.

Black Series Campers

Black Series Campers is a family-owned Australian company with ten years of experience. Their slogan “Camping is better off-grid” perfectly describes their line-up of off-road campers.

They manufacture both tent campers and travel trailers, aka caravans. The HQ12 is my top pick from their models of off-road campers.

Black Series Camper HQ12 off-road camper
Black Series Camper HQ12

The HQ12 is a very capable all-terrain camper equipped with a kitchen, toilet, and shower. It has a sleeping capacity of 4, which is surprising for a trailer this size. There’s plenty of storage space too.

The pop-top will give you additional interior headroom while maintaining its compact design. I couldn’t find any information on whether the pop-top is manual or has an electric lift like the Base Camp by Hower Built.

The suspension on the HQ12 is custom-designed by Black Series engineers. It’s built to allow each wheel to move independently. This will give you a smoother, more stable ride on the road or off the road.

A polybock hitch allows a full 360-degrees of rotation, allowing you to tackle just about any terrain. This is just one of many features of the HQ12.

The length of the HQ12 is 19.6 feet, and it’s 7.8 feet wide with an external height of 8.2 feet.

Black Series HQ12 Video Walkthrough

Overall, I like the Black Series HQ12 of off-road campers. It has excellent features, a well-thought-out design, badass suspension, and a 5-year structural warranty. Prices start at around $50K.

Off Grid Trailers

Off-Grid Trailers is a Canadian company that manufactures three off-grid campers. The Expedition 2.0 is their flagship camper, and with good reason. The Expedition 2.0 is an all-metal off-grid camper designed to easily take on those rugged back roads.

Off-Grid Trailers Expedition 2.0

The construction began with a 4-inch C-channel frame (3/16 inch) and sandblasted and powder-coated frame. A 2-inch ball coupler is included.

The Timbren 3500HD suspension adds a 4-inch lift, and you get excellent stopping power with 12-inch electric brakes. This camper rides on 265/70/17 wheels with durable off-road tires.

The Expedition 2.0 is equipped with a nice dropdown outdoor kitchen galley, outside shower with an Eccotemp L5 hot water on demand.

Off Grid Trailers Expedition 2.0 Video Walkthrough

The Expedition 2.0 by Off-Grid Trailers is a very well-designed and rugged expedition camper with a host of excellent features. With a starting price of around $30K, I think this off-grid camper is well worth considering.

Tax Cricket Overland Edition

TAXA Outdoors makes whey they refer to as a NASA-inspired off-grid camper. I’ve reviewed the TAXA Cricket and can tell you it is an excellent camper. It’s not a very big travel trailer, but it is well-designed and packs a lot of features in a small space.

small and lightweight camping trailer

There is an enhanced model call the Overland Edition that adds a more rugged suspension. It’s an axle-less design that adds a 4-inch lift, giving the Cricket 14-inches of ground clearance.

The Lock “N” Roll Hitch gives you 360 degrees of rotation and a 3-axis movement. There is also a swivel jack, heavy-duty stabilizer jacks, and all-terrain tires.

TAXA Outdoors Cricket Overland Edition Video Walkthrough

Standard on the Cricket Overland Edition is the two kids’ berth, awning, screen door, shower tent, portable toilet, and Thule bat, which are all options on the regular Cricket.

The only option available on the Overland Edition is a 5,000 BTU a/c unit. The overland is available in white or titanium.

Though a bit pricey, starting at $39,950, it’s a capable off-grid camper that many will love.

Boreas Campers

Built in the USA, Boreas Campers have been manufacturing cutting-edge off-road trailers since 2014. Their brand-new model, the Boreas XT, features a heavy-duty suspension, all-terrain tires and is loaded with off-grid features and capabilities.

off-road campers

When it comes to interior and exterior features, the Boreas XT shines. Exterior features included a Cruisemaster CRS2 axel-less independent suspension, BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires, electric brakes, 100-watt Zamp Obsidian solar panel, and a composite fiberglass exterior among several other features.

Inside features include two cabin doors with windows and screens, roomy sleeping space, 12v/USB power source with battery monitoring gauge, ample cabinetry, and Maple FRP interior paneling, Memory Foam Queen bed, and much more.

Boreas Campers XT Video Walkthrough

The Boreas XT starts at $34,890 and includes many standard features. Overall, the XT is an extremely capable and durable camper that can easily withstand the rigors of being off-road. It handles rough terrain very well with its axel-less suspension, and its heavy-duty construction ensures a long-lasting off-road camper you’ll enjoy for many years.

Opus Camper

Opus Camper makes several off-road trailer models. The Opus Lite is the one we’ll take a look at here.

Opus Lite Off-Road Campers

The Opus Lite packs quite a bit in a small package. First is its suspension, which is a beefed-up independent suspension just like the one found in the bigger Opus campers. It has been designed to go just about anywhere a 4WD can go.

It’s equipped with an articulating hitch Lock ‘N’ Roll that provides 360-degree rotation, allowing you to tow at any angle without damage.

It also features the Air Opus, an air inflation technology that lets you inflate the tent system in 90 seconds. Essentially, you can set up camp in about 5 minutes.

Opus Lite Video Walkthrough

The Opus Lite comes standard with many features that make it an outstanding expedition camper. Besides the suspension and inflatable heavy-duty tent system, you will also find LED lighting, large windows with screens, removable table 30-amp shore power connection, an RV queen bed, and a stereo system with speakers.

On the exterior, you’ll find a front rock guard, under-body diamond plating, and electric brakes with a standard 7-pin plug. For off-grid camping, you have a 20-lb propane tank holder, a 20-gallon water tank with a 12v pump, and a 1 100amp battery. There is a solar panel port for the addition of an optional solar panel to trickle charge your battery.

Overall, a very capable off-road camper with excellent features and starting at around $20,000.

Schutt Industries Xventure XV-2

The Schutt Industries XV-2 is referred to as a severe-duty off-road camper born of military engineering. I’ve not looked at this camper before, so let’s see what it had to offer.

Schutt Industries XVENTURE XV-2

The Xventure XV2 was originally designed and developed to meet or exceed the performance standards required by today’s military. It features a Huck-Bolted aluminum structure and is more durable, is stronger, and lighter than welded steel products in this class.

What’s unique about the XV2 is that it used over 300 Huck Bolts and absolutely no welding in the chassis. This eliminates the possibility of weld cracking and weld fatigue.

Xventure XV2 Video Walkthrough

The video below is more than just a walkthrough. It features the Xventure that was built for Jason Momoa, aka “Aquaman”.

The XVenture XV2 is the ideal off-grid camper for those with a passion for adventure. Made to meet or exceed today’s military standards, you know you’re getting one hell of a durable, rugged, and strong camper and rooftop tent. Pricing for the base model starts at around $14,500 and quickly goes up from there.

Final Thoughts

It’s safe to say that an off-road camper trailer is not for everyone. It’s a small segment of the RV industry; however, that doesn’t take away from the fact that these seven lightweight, off-road campers are innovative and very well-made.

Here is another that I did a separate review on. It’s the RKS Off-Road Purpose.

They tend to be on the high end of the pricing range, but you are getting features not found in your typical travel trailers, like twin shock absorbers. If you are one of those who truly like to go off the beaten path and want some comfort, an off-road camper might be just right for you.

For those who prefer the lap of luxury, a Class A rig might suit you better. I wrote an article on my Top 5 Best Class A RVs that you might enjoy reading.

Since you are going to be off-grid quite a but make sure you have quality RV batteries available to you.