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5 Top Best RV Transport Companies

Published on October 8th, 2021 by Ray & Tammy Roman
This post was updated on May 19th, 2023

Looking for the best RV transport companies because your motorhome won’t start and you need to get it to the shop. Perhaps you need to move your 5th wheel across the country but don’t have a vehicle you think is dependable enough to make the trip.  Let take a look at the 5 RV transport companies we think are some of the best in the country.

best RV transport companies

What is an RV transport company?

Well, honestly, it is exactly what it sounds like. It is a company that hauls, or transports, RVs for a fee. They often haul RVs from manufacturers to dealerships but they can also be contracted for personal use by the average person. 

If you have an RV you need to be moved, and do not want to or cannot move it yourself, an RV transport is something you should consider. 

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We have a few tips that will help you find the right RV moving company for you.

Tip 1: Do Your Due Diligence

We recommend doing more than the basic search for the right company. Things we encourage you to check include:

  • The company’s credentials.  Registered companies will have an MC – Motor Carrier – a number that you can easily verify through the department of transportation’s website.
  • Their reviews from third-party sites such as Google Reviews, Transport Reviews, Trust Pilot, or the Better Business Bureau
  • The company’s insurance policy – Make sure your RV is protected from damage as a result of negligence from the driver or equipment failure
  • If you choose to go with a shipping company and not one that advertises as an RV transport business be sure to ask if they have ever shipped an RV before

Your RV was a large investment and you want to be sure those handling it are reputable. Yes, this may seem like unnecessary, even time-consuming work, but it could save you from situations that are costly and stressful in the future. 

Tip 2: Understanding RV Transport Company Pricing

Prices are based on many factors.  Some of those factors include: 

  • The distance you are moving the RV
  • The weight of the RV 
  • The price of gas
  • Possible toll charges 

The companies you compare should have similar pricing across the board. Keep in mind, this is not the time to be frugal. Cheaper is not always better, in fact, in most cases, you will be getting what you pay for. 

When you get quotes from transporters, they should all be relatively close in amount, steer clear of the outliers, unless you are confident they will deliver on their promises of cheaper service. 

Tip 3: The best way to prepare your RV for transport

You want to minimize the chance of anything being damaged while your RV is being moved.  We recommend taking these steps:

  • Remove anything valuable from the RV and, if possible, lock it. We’d like to believe that all transport companies hire the most trustworthy employees but why add the temptation?
  • While you are removing all valuables go ahead and remove as much as you can from the inside.  Removing weight could be a simple way to reduce the cost of transport.
  • Secure any items outside the RV that cannot be removed to avoid damage during transport. 
  • Disconnect the electric and gas

When you discover that you’re in need of an RV transport company you’ll find thousands of businesses online that would love to haul your RV for you.  Let us help you narrow down your search.  Here is our list of the Top 5 Best RV Transport Companies:

Horizon Transport

Located in Wakarusa, Indiana, Horizon Transport is one of North America’s largest RV transporters.  They offer three different types of transports:

  • Tow Away – Drivers connect your RV to their personally owned pickup trucks and pull your RV wherever you want, across the country, one at a time.  
  • Flatbed – Drivers own larger trucks with flatbed trailers that they use to haul more than one RV or vehicle at a time.  
  • Drive-Away – Horizon Transport drivers will drive your motorhome to your chosen destination.

Horizon Transport will move your RV anywhere within the continental US and Canada.  

Horizon started in 1984 with 10 drivers but now has an independent contractor base of over 1,500 drivers and delivers around 80,000 vehicles a year.  

You will have to create a login at their website to access things like online quotes or to place an order.  Almost all the info you will need will have to be found once you log in.  


Shiply is a network of 243,872 shipping companies.  Shiply takes your information and gets you quotes from the companies within their network.  They also supply previous customer reviews to better help you decide from the companies who send you quotes.  

Shiply will provide you with direct contact information for any of the companies that send you a quote so that you may reach out to them with any questions you have. 

If Shiply has to come to get your item, there is an additional fee for remote areas.  

According to their website, the average cost to ship large items starts at $1.81 per mile for short distances and .59 per mile for longer distances. Please keep in mind those amounts will change based on the size and weight of your RV. 

Because they are introducing you to shipping/transport companies remember to do your due diligence, as mentioned above, with any recommended company before you contract their services. We recommend, at a minimum, asking if they’ve ever shipped an RV before. 

Their website offers a detailed area to help you prepare your RV for shipping and general FAQs.

Nationwide United Auto Transport

Nationwide United Auto Transport offers the same type of travel trailer, RV motorhome, or camper hauling as others we’ve listed but without drive-away services.  One notable difference is they offer expedited transport, next-day or same-day services, when available.  

They have 24-hour, 7 days a week help and support over the phone.  Their website even has a place where you can click the state you’re transporting to or from and get detailed information concerning transport regulations for those specific states.   

Nationwide United Auto Transport will need you to meet their drivers with your trailer in an area that is spacious enough to allow for safe and easy loading of your RV.   

They offer instant, clear, and concise quotes by calling their help desk. Your quote will have all the fees listed.  There are no additional fees after you schedule a pick-up for your trailer.   

Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers is an RV moving company with over a decade of experience that can haul or ship, RV classes A, B, and C, travel trailers, and campers.  They also offer RV drive-away services and motorhome towing.  

They cover every step of the process for you, such as the paperwork, permits, most affordable rates, and route planning.  They offer to pick up and drop off in all fifty states.  

This company will provide free cancellations, 24/7 customer service, door-to-door transport, and contingency insurance. 

One thing Heavy Haulers does that we haven’t seen with the other companies provides photos and bios of their entire team, from HR to transport specialists, on their website.  This feature gives a more friendly feel to the company and even a little more peace of mind by being able to read about the men or women who will be taking responsibility for your RV as it is transported.  


uShip is an open marketplace that connects you with customer-reviewed service providers.  They prefer most if not all, your business is done via their free mobile app.  

The app helps you connect more efficiently with your service provider (the person hauling your RV), receive shipment notifications, and quickly release payments upon delivery.  

Their website also boasts a shipping cost calculator to help you get a rough idea of the rates you can expect based on the data you enter about your RV.  

Payments for uShip are done through their proprietary payment system called “uShip Payments”.  All payments are due, in full, at the time of booking.  The payment; however, isn’t released until you give the driver a code after you’ve received delivery of your RV. 

Final Thoughts on Best RV Transport Companies

There are countless options for RV transport companies online, if you follow our advice by thoroughly investigating whichever company you choose, making sure you understand the price calculation and your final bill and preparing your RV for shipment/transport, we know this is a seemingly overwhelming process will be stress and hassle-free.  Good luck!

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