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Boondocking In Oklahoma [Top 5 Best Locations]

Published on September 22nd, 2021 by Ray & Tammy Roman
This post was updated on March 24th, 2022

Camping and boondocking have become one of the more popular types of retreats, especially in the midwest. However, boondocking in Oklahoma may be flying under the radar when trying to search for a unique or underdeveloped location for a dispersed camping take.

The flat plains and tumbleweeds might not be the most appealing and interesting choice. Consider the following details that aren’t well known unless you are a local.

Is Boondocking in Oklahoma Possible?

boondocking in Oklahoma

The question is, can you participate in boondocking in Oklahoma? The answer is, absolutely! Oklahoma’s terrain happens to be very diverse.

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The southwest corner of the state is full of forests. In the panhandle, you’ll be able to find and explore the higher plains. The center prairie region is home to a variety of wildlife, including Oklahoma’s very own state animal being the bison, and also an abundance of white-tailed deer.

While these are the larger and more exciting animals to see, there will be the usual suspects including raccoons, opossums, armadillos, and an occasional mountain lion or bear scattered throughout all parts of Oklahoma.

Boondocking in Oklahoma Regulations

The Sooner state is also one of the most affordable places to do this type of traveling. Not only are the restaurants, attractions, and retail noticeably less expensive, but this location also requires no camping fees.

Boondocking in Oklahoma participants can expect minimal regulations as well. Since this type of camping is more of roughing it and doing everything on your own and at your own pace, being on this land is how the minimal regulations, or lack thereof, come into play.

Where To Find Boondocking Locations in OK

Boondockers’ go-to spots are found through the public land owned by the state park system, the Bureau of Land Management, or the Forest Service. Compared to other states, Oklahoma doesn’t have as much of this sectioned type of land.

In fact, it is an estimated 2% whereas Utah compares with a higher 67%. Once you do the research, you can find Oklahoma’s boondocking treasures. Check out the top 5 boondocking in Oklahoma locations.

Rita Blanca National Grasslands

While most of the Rita Blanca National Grasslands are located in Texas, there is the slightest bit that remains across the border into Oklahoma, near the city of Felt. There are 93,000 acres that the federal government purchased to help send back to the land’s natural prairie-like state after the Dust Bowl seemingly ruined it.

If you choose this location to visit, it is important to recognize that the acreage is interspersed. All camp goers may only camp in clearly marked spots that state it is part of the national grasslands.

The Rita Blanca National Grasslands happen to be mostly flat with no presence of trees. A necessary item on the packing list should be some type of shade to protect you from the hot Oklahoma sun.

Since this is such an underdeveloped region, making it perfect for boondockers, this also means there aren’t amenities. However, the Felt picnic area will offer your usual camping suspects of restrooms, grills, and picnic tables.

Black Kettle National Grasslands

Head about 2 hours east of Oklahoma City, and you’ll find the Black Kettle National Grasslands in the town of Cheyenne. This boondocking location is also not in a single contiguous area. A majority of the 31,000 acres are in Oklahoma.

Since the land is spersed, research which areas are available to the public to avoid any trouble. The two developed campgrounds in the Oklahoma part of the grasslands are called Spring Creek Lake and Skipout Lake.

Find your way to the Skipout Lake Recreation Area to make use of the picnic area, restrooms, the boat ramp near a reservoir, and to access potable water!

Spring Creek Dispersed Camping

Spring Creek happens to be managed as a part of the Black Kettle National Grasslands and contains several options for camping.

A dispersed camping area will be located on the eastern edge of the lake, which may appeal to those looking for a less developed and quiet take on the land. It does, however, have a few cleared areas for parking.

The western shore will offer your amenities. These include a picnic area, vault toilets, boat ramp, and potable water. Spring Creek is a must for those interested in the full dry camping experience.

Lake Vincent Public Fishing Area

The Lake Vincent campsites will be found a couple of hours west of Oklahoma City. Since there is little to no development at this location, don’t expect to see much traffic unless it’s the peak season for fishing in the summer season.

Should you come during peak time, which is in July and August, you can expect to see anglers catching largemouth bass, Redear Sunfish, and channel catfish at Lake Vincent.

Those who visit, usually stay for the day and head home at night, however, near the boat ramp, there is dispersed camping permitted. While there is a picnic area and outhouses, they aren’t as maintained as one may like. Be prepared to use your RV toilets.

Atoka Lake Dispersed Camping

The Atoka Lake expands across 6,000 acres with 60 miles of shoreline. If you are looking for a destination that offers a fun variety of water sports, this is definitely worth it. Travel 2 hours and 15 minutes southeast of Oklahoma City to enjoy the lake’s dispersed camping.

Near the shorelines, be sure to attempt fishing, paddle boarding, camping out, and swimming. To access the ideal spots for boondocking, head down Highway 69 and find the southeast side of the lake. Since there aren’t many amenities, be prepared for a dry camping experience.

There is a boat ramp to get to the water, and a picnic area to use on your snack or meal breaks. No designated campsites will be around, but there is space for several RVs.

Boondocking in Oklahoma Final Thoughts

Now that you have navigated through each of the dispersed camping sites we have found and rated, plan your next trip for boondocking! Grab a travel companion or fly solo and explore all of what boondocking in Oklahoma has to offer.

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