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Helpful Tips for RVing With Your Dogs

Published on March 7th, 2019 by Ray & Tammy Roman
This post was updated on February 14th, 2021

He is your best friend at home. So I don’t find a reason why you should leave him alone at home when Rving. I am talking about your furry friend. He is part of your family, and not taking him on your trip is like leaving one of your kids to have fun with the rest of the kids.

Yes, your dog may be disruptive, but you have a thousand reasons to bring him with you. It is a wonderful experience, no wonder more than 60% of RVers travel with their dog. However, bringing your dog is different than bringing another human being, so there are certain rules and precautions you must be aware of for both of you to get the most out of your RV experience.

Make sure you have everything for your dog

Before you start your trip, spend a week or so making a list of everything your dog needs. You do not want your dog ruining your trip just because you forgot some important dog gear. Here’s top of things that should be on your list.

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  • Dog collar
  • Leash
  • Bedding
  • Cleaning supplies for accidents
  • Medication
  • Food and treats
  • Food and water bowl
  • Identification tag

Introduce the dog to the RV before an RV vacation

If your dog barks at every noise, they hear or often get anxious when on the car, then you might want to help him be acquainted with the RV. Try placing some of the dog belonging in the RV. If your dog is crate-trained, bring it inside with you and encourage the dog to go in. Whatever you do, make sure that the dog has his own space in the RV

Introduce the dog to others who will be in the RV

Many dogs love meeting new people, but some are not. There is nothing wrong about your dog being a faithful companion, but it is important to introduce him to other people especially those you will be traveling with in your RV. You can simply do this by walking the dog around the neighborhood or on the park a week before taking your trip

Stay in a dog-friendly campground

Some dogs can be disruptive especially to the calm ambiance when on Holiday Park, some can harm local fauna while others will leave the mess in the most inconvenient place. If your dog has this type of behavior, this is not a good reason to leave him alone.

Pet policies exist in almost every campground in the country, and they are not taken that lightly. Before you embark on your journey, make things simple and stress-free by aligning ahead to make sure your ideal campground is dog-friendly.

Implement a daily exercise routine

Your dog will not like to sit in the car for hours; he will want to run around, so incorporate some daily routine in your trip. That’s why you need to find dog-friendly parks, where your dog can stretch and exert some energy.

Pros and Cons of RVing with the Dog

rving with your dog

So, these are the most important consideration when RVing with your dog. But, the question is, do you need to bring in your dog? So let dive into some advantage and disadvantages of RVing with your dog because while it is fun traveling with your dog, it can also be stressful.


  • You don’t have to find a pet sitter while you are gone
  • You get to bring in your entire family with you on the RV
  • Dogs will keep you engaged on your trip
  • You get to have a companion, someone who can deter crimes when out there.
  • Allows your dog to exercise some of his instinct


  • Dogs often demand your attention
  • Your pup can easily get lost
  • Some campground are not dog-friendly
  • You will have to adapt your RV plan depending on your dog needs

So now, you know both sides of the story, but the bottom line of all this is that you can bring in your dog on your RV adventure. He is definitely worth the major inconveniences on your plan, so don’t hesitate to bring him in. Remember that the safety of the pet is important as much as the safety of your family, so use a belt harnesses or secured carriers for your pet.

Rving With Your Dog – Related Questions

Can I leave my dog in the RV? It really depends on the situation and on your dog as well. Do keep in mind leaving your dog alone for an extended period of time is not good for your dog. Also you have to be cognizant of the weather. If it is overly hot and you lose your air conditioners the heat build up inside your travel trailer can kill your dog. Same goes if it is overly cold and you lose heat while you are away. Leaving your dog alone for a short period of time should be OK.

Do RV parks allow dog? Some parks do and some parks do not so call ahead and ask. The parks that do allow dogs usually have very strict rules so know those rules before you decide to camp in that park.

Can dogs ride in the trailer? State laws do not allow a passenger in the trailer portion. In a travel trailer, you really have no way to know what and how your dog is doing. There is also no real safe way to harness your dog so it can be protected in case of an accident.

Do KOA Kampgrounds allow dogs? KOA Kampgrounds are pet-friendly and they happily welcome campers who want to share their experience with their dog. There are some KOA Kampgrounds that do not allow pets in their Kamping Kabins or may have limited availability for their pet units.

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