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How Much Do Pop Up Campers Cost? [20 Models Compared]

Published on February 13th, 2022 by Ray & Tammy Roman

Looking to buy a pop up camper and are wondering how much do pop up campers cost? Here is what I have researched and should give you an idea of the cost of pop up campers.

New pop-up campers range in price from approximately $10,000 to well over $20,000. Used pop up camper can be found for around $5,000 and up depending on year and condition.

How much do pop up campers cost?

Would the cost of a small, compactable camper be fair enough to go that route over a tent?  Would the benefits be worth the cost?  In my opinion, yes.  But I’ve never been a fan of the cold, hard ground. 

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Check out the information below and you, too, can make your own decision as to whether or not pop-up camper prices are for you.

I took a look at 20 pop-up campers for sale on RVTrader and listed the results below. The price range varies based on year, condition, brand, and whether it’s a canvas top or hard-sided camper. Some of the expedition campers such as Taxa Outdoors can get very expensive.

How Much Do Pop Up Campers Cost? 20 Modell Prices Compared

2021Coachmen Clipper 806XLSCanvas Top$11,999
2020Aliner Family FloorplanHard-Side$21,900
2022Forest River Flagstaff MAC 176LTDCanvas Top$12,995
2018Forest River Rockwood Extreme 1970ESPCanvas Top$18,995
2017Sylvan GoCanvas Top$8,995
2020Black Series PatronCanvas Top$20,500
2015Rockwood FreedomCanvas Top$12,000
2006Fleetwood Highlander NiagraCanvas Top$10,995
2022Aliner Ranger 12Hard-Side$25,064
2007Livin’Lite Quicksilver 5.0Canvas Top$5,950
2022Aliner ExpeditionHard-Side$36,333
2021Taxa Outdoors MantisCanvas Top$44,681
2009ColemanCanvas Top$7,500
2015Rockwood 122BHHard-Side$9,250
2009Fleetwood Americana UtahCanvas Top$11,995
2021Aliner Ranger 10 BunkHard-Side$16,995
2020Forest River Flagstaff High Wall 29SCCanvas Top$18,969
2017Clipper Classic 1285SSTCanvas Top$12,500
2012Jayco Jay Series 1207Canvas Top$8,000
2006Fleetwood UtahCanvas Top$4,988

How much are pop-up campers?

There are three different areas of pop-up camper prices that we’ll be discussing.  Renting, buying used, and buying new.  

But for those who like to jump right to the good parts, I’ve quickly laid out the average pricing below:

You can rent a pop-up camper for anywhere between $30-$100 a night but this does not include any additional fees that may be present.

Used, they are more affordable than buying new, coming in between $5,000 and $15,000 depending on condition and features.

Finally, new, you can expect to pay between $10,000-$20,000 depending on brand and features. 

The costs of renting

Let’s talk renting!  A great way to decide if a pop-up camper is even for you would be to rent one before you commit to owning one.   

As with all things in life, the prices will vary depending on where you are renting and the type of camper you choose. A safe assumption is that it should not be any more than $100 a night (before fees). 

Wait, did I just say fees?  Yep.  Fees.  We know, fees are a bummer but they are a part of renting, and here are the types of fees you can expect to see when renting a pop-up camper:

  • A deposit (often refundable) 
  • Rental Insurance
  • A Cleaning fee 

You can lower the cost of rentals by making a few changes to your trip if possible:

  • Rent during off-season dates
  • Choose a camper that has fewer features
  • Rent online and in advance

5 Things to Know Before Buying a Pop Up Camper Video

The Sticker Price is Just the Beginning

Before we get into buying used or new, we think it is important to go over some of the additional costs that will come with owning a pop-up camper that are not included in the sticker price.

Maintenance and Repair

Owning your own camper will inevitably come with maintenance and repair bills.  Some of the routine maintenance for a pop-up camper include:

  • Checking tail and brake lights for damage
  • Greasing the wheel bearings
  • Inspecting tires for wear and tear and replacing them when necessary
  • Cleaning exhaust fans 
  • Changing filters on the AC unit
  • Emptying the water tank(s)  

Another maintenance will be winterizing your camper at the end of the season. 

General maintenance and winterizing are around $150 a year. 


There will be several factors that will adjust the cost of your pop-up campers insurance premiums such as your location, the camper purchased, your credit score, the company, and insurance coverage selected.

On average you should plan to pay between $200-$400 a year or between $16-$32 a month.  

Buying Used

Maybe renting isn’t for you and you are ready to purchase a pop-up camper but want to avoid high prices.  Buying a used pop-up camper is definitely the way to go!

You can expect to pay less than when buying new.  More than likely you can expect to pay $5000 to $15000 for a used pop-up camper.  Maybe even less if the camper is fairly old. 

When buying a used pop-up camper be on the lookout for a few things. 

Folding/Unfolding the camper:

This is typically a pretty simple process but it does not hurt to ask the seller to walk through the steps with you.  Look for anything that looks broken or unusually difficult to do during the setup and takedown of the camper. 


Make sure you’ve looked over the entire camper yourself.  Don’t trust the seller to be forthcoming with all the problems or issues that the camper may have.

If the price seems too good to be true, make sure you are being thorough.  Some things we recommend double-checking include

  • The lift system
  • The roof
    • Look for leaks, cracks, and sagging
  • The frame 
  • Weak areas in the floor
  • Tears in the canvas sides

Buying New

As mentioned before, the price of buying a pop-up camper will be between $10,000 and $20,000.  What makes up the $10,000 difference?  Well, that will all depend on the age, brand, and features of the camper you select. 

Lower end campers will have standard features such as:

  • Beds
  • A mini-fridge or some sort of storage for cold items
  • A small stove
  • A small kitchenette

These budget-friendly pop-up campers tend to be smaller than the more expensive options but either way they are better than sleeping on the ground!

Higher-end pop-up campers will have additional space and features such as:

  • A heater or AC unit
  • Heated beds
  • Toilet
  • Additional cooking appliances
  • Shower

Now if you are ready to purchase your new or used pop-up camper so let’s talk money!


Let’s be honest, not many of us would be able to walk right in and pay cash for our brand new or used pop-up camper.  If you will need to finance your camper, it will add additional cost to the overall price of the pop-up in the long run.    

The average loan for your pop-up camper could be up to a 20-year term with an interest rate of around 5.5%.  Note this rate will vary based on your credit history and score.

Let’s say you split the difference and purchase a new pop-up camper for $15,000.  If you finance that full amount of $15,000 for the full 20-year term at 5.5% interest you’ll pay a total of $24,764 for the camper with a monthly payment of around $104.  Your total interest paid will be $9,764. 

There are some ways to shave down that interest amount.  Shop around for the lowest interest rate and be sure to get a loan that does not have any prepayment penalties.  The shorter you can make the loan term the less money you will be paying in interest. 

If you were to do a 10-year term instead, with all other aspects of the loan remaining the same ($15,000 borrowed with an interest rate of 5.5%), you could save $5,200 in interest.  Even better, if you could do a 5-year term you could save $7,580 in interest!

Only you know what options you can make work financially.  We suggest running the numbers and being fully educated on what the term and interest mean as far as total paid.  If you can afford a higher monthly payment the money saved over the life of the loan really adds up!

(All payment estimates were calculated using the loan calculator at

We suggest shopping around.  Don’t buy the first camper you look at or even at the first dealership you stop at.  Do your research and be sure you’re getting the best camper for you at the best price possible. 

How Much Do Pop Up Campers Cost?[Final Thoughts]

Owning or renting a pop-up camper could bring you and your loved one’s memories to last a lifetime. If you choose to purchase a camper, we think if you can be sure the camper you chose is the best one for you and the price you paid was fair then we know you will enjoy your camper without the annoying regret of buyer’s remorse. We wish you luck and happy pop-up camper hunting!

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