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How To Keep Mice Out Of A Camper

Published on January 6th, 2020 by Ray & Tammy Roman
This post was updated on March 19th, 2024

Today we are going to learn how to keep mice out of a camper. We are going to divide this post into two sections. The first section is going to be how to keep them out of your RV, the second section is how to get rid of them if you have them. If you are in a hurry and just want the surefire way to keep mice out of a camper here it is.

The Difference Between Mice and Mouse

Mice versus Mouse is considered a “mutated plural”. For exampled “tooth” and “teeth”, “man” and “men”. “Mouse” is the singular name for one of the little rodents, whereas “mice” is the plural.

Sometimes a baby rat might be confused for a mouse. So let’s go over the differences. Neither one is worse than the other it’s just that rats get much larger than a mouse.

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Body LengthAbout 3 inchesUp to 9 inches
TailAbout the same length body and head combinedShorter than body and head combined
Tail ColorUniformly darkDark on top, pale beneath
Head SizeProportional to bodyLarger than body
MuzzlePointedMore blunt
EarsLarge ears for its head sizeRight size for head size with hairs inside
FeetSmall compared to body sizeLarge compared to rest of body (like a puppy

How Mice Get In Your Camper

Any opening a mouse can find is their entryway into your camper. Even the smallest opening will allow a mouse to get inside. Common places mice enter your RV include:

  • Poorly sealed slide-outs
  • Around doors and gaps in the flooring
  • Plumbing and wiring gaps
  • Gaps where the walls meet, specifically corners
  • Electrical panels, plumbing panels

Mice and other small rodents can wreak havoc for camper owners. Mice can neat at wires, upholstery, rubber, and plastic lines. These are all important components needed to run your RV efficiently and safely. In addition mice and known to spread over 30 diseases. There is a possibility you can get sick and that is the last thing you need to worry about when using your camper. These are just a few of the diseases mice and rats can spread.

  • Hantavirus
  • Bubonic Plague
  • Salmonellosis
  • Rat-Bite Fever

You can learn more about the disease of mice and rats, directly and indirectly, spread on the CDC website.

It’s easy to tell if you have a mouse infestation. Here are some telltale signs:

  • Chewed food packages on counters and cabinets or any other food storage location
  • You may find rodent nests
  • Holes on your RV mattress or other upholstery and furniture
  • Mouse dropping along the walls, drawers, and cabinets.

How To Keep Mice Out Of A Camper

One of the best ways to not have mice in your RV is to prevent them from coming into your camper. Preventing them from entering your camper eliminates any mess mice will make saving you money on expensive repairs.

Campers generally have lots of small entry points that a mouse can use to get inside your RV. Finding and blocking those entry points is the first step to keeping the little critters out.

  • Get under your camper and loot for gaps or holes. Even the smallest opening is big enough for a mouse to get through.
  • One good way to find gaps and holes is for someone to shine a flashlight underneath the camper while you look inside for signs of light shining through. You can also try this during a sunny day as well. I find the flashlight method works better.
  • Check closets, cabinets, and drawers for any sign of light coming through.
  • Take careful notice around plumbing and where wiring enters the camper.
  • Check slide-out seals and inside storage areas.
  • Check access panels and your bathroom.

Once you have identified all the holes and gaps it’s time to seal them. Expanding foam or silicone caulk works the best.

We recommend Great Stuff Expanding Foam and Gorilla Clear Silicone Caulk. Both are available on Amazon via the link provided.

How To Get Rid of Mice

So you’ve determined there are mice in your camper. You’ve seen the signs and now you just want to get rid of them. One way is to capture and kill them using a mousetrap. There are several on the market but the one I recommend and is the hight-rated on Amazon is the Authenzo Mouse Trap SX-5006 Mice Trap

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Features of the Authenzo Mouse Trap:

  • Efficient and sensitive: It kills faster and more effectively than typical wooden or metal mousetraps.
  • Reusable: They are made of polystyrene which makes then easy to wash and they do not absorb any odor
  • Easy to setup: Just press the tail of the mousetrap  with your hands and you’re all setup
  • Hygienic: You don’t have to touch the mouse when removing it.

Authenzo also makes a no-kill mousetrap that you can use. This is the no-kill model we like. It is highly rated on Amazon.

No products found.

Clean Your Camper To Reduce Disease or Health Risks

If after a week or so your traps are no longer catching mice it’s safe to assume you no longer have a rodent infestation. Now it’s time to thoroughly clean your camper. Here are some tips for thorough cleaning:

  • Air out your camper for 30-45 minutes
  • Use latex gloves so no potential pathogens get on your skin
  • Use one part bleach to 10 parts water and apply to all dropping and urine
  • Allow to sit for 5-8 minutes and clean it up.
  • Pick up and dispose of droppings. Use a paper towel to pick up the dropping and then place it in a sealed trash bag.
  • Do the same with rodent nests, but this time double-bag the sealed trash bag.
  • Disinfect all countertops, floors, drawers, and cupboards. Pretty much any hard surface where there was evidence of droppings or urine.
  • Steam-clean carpets and upholstery
  • Wash all bedding in hot water.

How To Use Peppermint Oil To Keep Mice Out Of A Camper

I have to admit I wasn’t familiar with using peppermint oil to deter rodents until doing my research for this article. I came across the Mountain Modern Life blog and their post on keeping mice out of a camper. Eric and Katie’s secret to keeping mice out of their RV is peppermint essential oil. This was after they tried other natural methods without success such as using Irish Spring soap bars and Bounce softener sheets.

The method that worked for them was using 100% Peppermint Oil and cotton balls. They soaked the cotton balls in the peppermint oil and strategically place the cotton balls around their camper where mice would try to come it or areas where there was evidence of mice. In some cases one cotton ball in an area was sufficient in other instances they placed two or three cotton balls.

Why Does Peppermint Oil Work To Deter Mice?

According to Eric, the reason peppermint oil works is because it has a very strong aroma that mice do not like. The aroma masks food odors and also masks the smell of predators for the mouse. A mouse that can’t smell food and feel safe is bound to go elsewhere.

You can purchase 100% percent peppermint oil on Amazon

The One Surefire Way To Keep Mice Out of a Camper

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If you want to support Eric and Katie you can buy their 100% peppermint oil on their family online store

How To Keep Mice Out Of A Camper Summary

Mice in your camper is not a good thing. It creates a problem that can cost you lots of money to repair and is also a health risk to you and your RV occupants. Once you find evidence of rodent infestation you need to act quickly to remove the infestation. I hope what we’ve shared will help you eliminate mice from your camper and the use of peppermint oil will keep them away.