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How To Make an RV Mattress More Comfortable

Published on October 20th, 2021 by Ray & Tammy Roman
This post was updated on December 2nd, 2021

RV mattresses are indispensable household items when traveling more extended than 18 hours. When deflated, they take up little space so that they can be stored in the trunk permanently.

With the help of a small pump, often included with the main product, you can fill it with air in a matter of minutes. For modern models, high-quality synthetic materials are durable, waterproof, and safe for children and adults.

How To Make An RV Mattress More Comfortable

Therefore, a properly selected RV mattress can faithfully serve the owners for many years.

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Types of RV Mattresses

There are two types of RV mattresses:

  • Orthopedic thin mattresses (toppers)
  • Inflatable

A topper is usually 1 to 10 cm (0.4 to 3.9 in) thick, consisting of one or more layers of filler. It perfectly eliminates bumps and other surface irregularities, reducing or increasing its rigidity. Such thin mattresses are suitable not only for indoor use or hiking but also for car trips.

RV Toppers

Advantages of thin orthopedic mattresses for RV:

  • It is easy and straightforward to roll up except for models with coconut coir;
  • It does not take up much space. It will fit in the trunk, in the back seat, or on a shelf;
  • Lightweight. The weight of a mattress for a car is from 2 kg, depending on its size and thickness, and filler;
  • It has orthopedic properties. Sleep will be comfortable and healthy on such a mattress, which means that the body will not experience discomfort during sleep;
  • You can choose any size suitable for the dimensions of the vehicle interior;
  • The manufacturer always includes a convenient bag for storage and transportation.

Inflatable RV Mattress

An inflatable mattress is also an excellent solution for long trips by car. Its name speaks for itself. That is, it needs to be inflated and deflated after use.

Positive qualities of inflatable RV mattresses:

  • It inflates quickly. It can be grown both with the pump with the kit and a compressor to increase the wheels (a cigarette lighter connects most of these units).
  • Optimal thickness. The height of the air mattress can be from 13 to 23 cm (5 to 9 in). However, a 13-centimeter (5-inch) product is much better suited for relaxing in the car.
  • Tactile pleasant surface. Most often, air mattresses have a velvety texture, which will only bring pleasure when in contact with the skin. Therefore, it is not necessary to lay a sheet.
  • The weight of the mattress in the deflated state and that of the toppers is from 2 kg. It depends on the size.
  • Compactness. A non-inflated mattress easily folds up and fits into the box or bag.

Differences Between Toppers and Inflatable Mattresses

The difference between toppers and inflatable mattresses is that:

  • Toppers have a slightly higher price than air mattresses;
  • Thin mattresses have an orthopedic effect, but inflatable ones do not;
  • Toppers flatten the surface of car seats, and an air mattress can create a “wave effect.”

Therefore, given the above facts, it is not easy to decide which mattress is best suited for motorists who spend a long time traveling. Here, most likely, you need to rely on your own needs and requirements. After all, toppers and air mattresses have practically the same advantages.

How to Choose the Most Comfortable RV Mattress?

How to choose the right RV mattress for your car? First, take into account the size of the vehicle. Although most manufacturers present the models as universal, suitable for any car, it will not hurt to hedge once again and make the necessary measurements.

Recommended Configuration of an RV Mattress

  1. The number and age of users. If children or one adult will sleep on an air mattress in the car, the usual universal model is enough. However, it will not be convenient for two people on such a product – it is better to immediately buy a double car seat of increased comfort or a unique model for large cars.
  2. The price of the product. The average cost of a high-quality single automates is not too high. For premium-class products, you will have to pay more.
  3. Country of origin. Buying Chinese air mattresses in a car is an excellent opportunity to save money. However, those who want to get a truly high-quality and durable product should choose in favor of Russian, European, and Korean manufacturers using modern technologies and environmentally friendly materials.
  4. Availability of components. Most of the RV mattresses come complete with pumps, for which cigarette lighters in the car are power sources. The inflatable pillows included in the set also create additional convenience – with them, the rest will be cozy and comfortable.

Models that are more expensive have compact carrier bags.

Experienced travelers recommend paying attention to the presence of a repair kit in the kit, consisting of special glue and patch material. With it, you can quickly and efficiently repair a mattress inadvertently damaged on the road.


Modern inflatable mattresses for travel easily fit in the car, are stored in the trunk, and provide their owners with a comfortable rest and sleep on the road.

Thanks to the variety of models, every car enthusiast can choose for himself the optimal version of the product, suitable in size, cost, and configuration.

Inflatable Mattress for SUV

Station wagons, minivans, and SUVs have the third row of seats that you can wholly lower forward, freeing up additional space for a double car bed along with the luggage compartment.


What kind of travel accessory is commonly called a universal air mattress for the back seat of a car? It is the most popular and in-demand version of the car bed, suitable in size and shape for almost any vehicle. The standard product consists of two sections:

  • The upper horizontal, forming a sleeping place with a length of 135–145 cm (53–57 in) and a width of 87–92 cm (34–36 in);
  • The lower one, filling the space between the rear seats and the backs of the front ones.

You can inflate each part separately using a pump that comes with the mattress. Models that are more expensive have a third section between the backs of the front seats and additional support.

Another option is a detachable mattress, each part of which you can use according to the situation. If the space between the front and rear seats is free, you install both sections of the car seat. When there are travel bags there, you use only the upper one.

High-comfort RV Mattresses

The high-comfort travel accessory has large dimensions compared to the universal car bed: 160–165 cm (63–65 in) in length and 100–115 cm (39–45 in) in width. It means that it can comfortably accommodate even with high growth.

You put an inflatable mattress on the back seat and the lowered front, turning into a full-fledged sleeping place. It is an ideal option for vehicles in which there is not much free space between the seats in front and back.

The high-comfort automates consist of three compartments:

  • The upper horizontal part forming a sleeping place;
  • Two lower sections, front and rear, filling the free space and playing the role of support.

Depending on the number of passengers, you can purchase a single or double inflatable bed.

For Large Cars

Most station wagons, minivans, and SUVs have the third row of seats that you can lower entirely forward, freeing up additional space for a double car bed along with the luggage compartment. The standard dimensions of such models are 190×130 cm (75×51 in).

Many of them inside consists of several sections with separate valves for the pump. If the size of the machine allows, you can inflate all parts of the mattress, placing yourself on it with maximum comfort. For smaller models, several inflated bed compartments are enough.

An additional advantage of automatic double mattresses is the ability to place them in the back seats of the car and use them as a guest-sleeping place at home or in the country.


The RV mattress choice is based on the internal dimensions of the free space of the car interior. If there is no exact data on the length and width of your car, you can measure it manually. By not doing this, you risk buying the wrong product.

South Korean firms provide higher-quality components that are part of the product. For example, oxford cloth is the upper anti-slip layer. Do not skimp on quality. Numerous Chinese firms that have not worked for a year can fail: it is easier to damage the mattress mechanically due to too thin rubber or overexposing it in the heat on a summer day.

The most “advanced” models have electric heating to human body temperature, which allows you to sleep comfortably even on cool nights. The technology underlying the self-inflating mattress will enable you to do without a pump – a porous, foamed filler glued at the factory under pressure; when you open the air flap valve, it takes its straightened shape.

It draws in the air behind him, filling itself with it. To blow away such a mattress, you need to re-open the nipple and twist the product with force, so the air inside comes out of the porous space. The level of comfort of these products increases then.

Sleep models are often complete with two pillows with orthopedic properties. The surface of such products is pleasant to the touch. Therefore, it is always comfortable to rest on them.

Now you know very well how to make the mattress in your car the most comfortable and suitable.

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