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One Day RV Makeover Ideas and Inspiration

Published on March 29th, 2023 by Chelsea Gonzales

If you’ve ever been in an RV, you’re probably well aware that RV decor added by the factory leaves something to be desired. Luckily, these one day RV makeover ideas for any budget can give a whole new, fresh look to any motorhome, fifth wheel, travel trailer, truck camper, or even a campervan.

Why is RV Factory Decor So Boring?

Sometimes you have to wonder: what was that RV designer thinking? The neutral color palettes inside RVs are bland at best. And let’s be honest, the decor in some older RVs is downright hideous! This leaves many RVers looking for some RV makeover ideas to spruce up their tiny moving homes. 

The good news? There are plenty of super easy ways to add a pop of color and personality to an RV. Not only that, but there are also some more time consuming projects that will give your motorhome or trailer a completely new look. No matter which route you decide to take, you’re sure to love spending time in your RV once a little of you is added to it.

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Not sure where to begin? Here are a few of our favorite RV makeover ideas to get you started.

11 Easy One Day RV Makeover Ideas to Go From Boring to Beautiful

Let’s start with the simplest RV renovations you can do to make your trailer or motorhome interior design a more inviting place to be. These super easy RV makeover ideas won’t take much time or effort, but they can make an enormous difference.

Another great thing you’ll discover about these one day RV makeover ideas? They can be super affordable ways to give your rig a facelift!

Cover the RV Couch (and Other Furniture)

Cute RV makeover ideas for vintage camper trailer
Cute vintage camper interior design on a budget (Image:

RV couches have a tendency to get worn out over time. Faux leather furniture starts to peel, and fabric cushions get bleached by the sun and stained by food, drinks, and dirt. If your RV couch is starting to become an eyesore, you can remedy this by adding a simple couch cushion cover. Not only will this cover peeling and stains, but it also gives you an opportunity to add some color and brighten up the space. 

Have other pieces of furniture with stains? Cover them as well. We’ve covered dinette cushions plenty of times, and upholstered chairs can be covered just as easily. 

Change Out the RV Bedspread

The bedspreads that come in RVs are rarely cute or pretty. Most are a drab brown or gray color, and all of them tend to be pretty scratchy and uncomfortable. You can totally change the look of your RV bedroom by taking out the ugly bedding and replacing it with something you love. We recommend light and bright colors for small spaces. 

Have more than one bed in your rig? Decorating the kids’ bunks with cute and colorful bedspreads that they love can also help brighten your space and help the kids feel more like they own the space. 

Put Down a New Throw Rug

Hate the flooring in your rig? Just want to break up the monotony of brown or gray floors? A colorful rug might be just the thing. This can cover up imperfections in an older floor and is a great way to tie together various colors in a room. 

We really like rugs that can be put in the washing machine since camping can get dirty, and by that same token, we recommend against very plush rugs that tend to catch and hold onto dirt and debris.

Hang RV Wall Decor

Most RVs don’t have a ton of wall space. And really, we recommend using as much of that wall space as possible for added storage. Do that by hanging shelves, pocket organizers, and baskets. Stylish organizers can also double as wall decor.

Got extra wall space left after creating all the storage spaces you need? Try adding paintings, photos, and other types of wall decor. 

No wall space to work with? Consider strings of colorful decorations such as a bunting. This item can be hung over windows, under cabinets, and other places. Bunting adds a fun touch without taking up too much space. It doesn’t add a lot of weight either. 

Invest in a New Shower Curtain

A super easy way to change up the look of your bathroom is to add a new shower curtain. This might mean taking down the factory-installed curtain track or even the shower door. In this case, you will need to add some sort of shower curtain rod to put the curtain on. As far as the curtain itself goes, just choose what you love!

A new RV shower curtain gives the bathroom a whole new look.
A new RV shower curtain gives the bathroom a whole new look.

Add RV Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is an amazingly easy way to cover up an especially ugly wall. This RV makeover product makes your home-on-wheels less drab. This paper comes in a variety of colors and literally goes on like a sticker. There are also peel-and-stick trim pieces that you can buy. They give the project a finished look. Plus, the paper is easily removed if you want something different later. 

Put Up an RV Sink Backsplash

Like the peel-and-stick wallpaper mentioned above, there is also peel-and-stick faux tile out there. This stuff is awesome and is absolutely perfect for adding backsplashes behind the sinks in RV kitchens and bathrooms. All you have to do is cut the tile to fit your space. Then peel off the back, and stick it to the wall. It holds up to water surprisingly well and looks amazing to boot.

Change the Ugly RV Window Coverings

It’s no secret that factory RV window coverings tend to be ugly. This is especially true of the coverings in older RVs, but even extends to some newer rigs out there. 

We recommend removing those horrible cornices right away. Are you dealing with unsightly curtains? Those can come down too. If you have mini blinds in your RV, consider getting rid of them. Replace the window coverings with custom curtains or purchase blinds such as these to cover your windows. 

Or, Tackle a Bigger RV Interior Upgrade

Don’t think the cheap and easy RV makeover ideas above will be quite enough to take your RV from drab to fab? Why not give the place a full makeover? The projects below are more complex than those mentioned above. But the end result is a totally new look for your rig. 

Paint Everything in the RV

The very best way to make an enormous difference in the look of your RV is to paint everything. Yes, this is possible, but it isn’t quick or easy, so be prepared for a big project. 

To paint your RV walls and cabinets, you need to remove all furniture. Then sand every surface to be painted. And wiping everything down with a degreaser is a must. Once that’s done, you’ll want to use painter’s tape to tape around corners and edges.

Next, you’ll need to prime everything with a gripper primer in order to ensure your paint stays in place. Finally, you’ll paint all surfaces, adding as many layers as necessary. 

Grab Some New RV Door and Drawer Hardware

Hate the ugly door knob on your RV bathroom door? Not a fan of the fake gold drawer pulls? Some new hardware can make all the difference in the world. However, this project can be expensive and time consuming. Give yourself a decent budget and plenty of time. 

Shop for New RV Furniture

Finally, there is the option of replacing your RV furniture.

If you have a travel trailer or fifth wheel, this is as simple as finding something you can fit through the door and into the appropriate space—or, something you can assemble yourself inside the RV—and then bolting it down.

In the case of motorhomes, you will want to make sure the seating you choose can be used with a seatbelt safely. We recommend Flexsteel products for this. 

No matter what kind of RV you have, be sure the new furniture (and cargo you carry) doesn’t put you over the cargo carrying capacity of your rig.

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