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RKS Off-Road Purpose Travel Trailer Review

Published on March 12th, 2020 by Ray & Tammy Roman
This post was updated on March 18th, 2022

With so many models of travel trailers on the market today it’s difficult for a manufacturer, let alone a new manufacturer, to come up with a travel trailer that is unique and offers features like no other. I think RKS Off-Road might just have done with the introduction of their “Purpose” adventure travel trailer. In this post, we are going to learn about the founders and their vision, we’ll dig deep into the construction and features of the “Purpose”, and finally my overall conclusion. Let’s get started.

RKS Off-Road Purpose

The Owners

The owners or in this case the co-owners of RKS Off-Road are Travis King and Elisabeth Gritsch.

Elisabeth is a 20 year veteran of the International Automotive Industry with a strong focus on Business Process Management, Enterprise Systems, Project Management, and Quality/Integrated Management. She has been involved in several EV start-ups and has won the Austrian Award for best processes. Elisabeth attended Kepler University/Austria where she graduated with an MBA with a focus on Knowledge Management.

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RKS Off-Road

Travis is a 10 year veteran of the Automotive Industry in the Finance and Product Management side. He rebuilt his first engine at the tender age of 13 and started his first business at the age of 17. Travis is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a dual degree in Accounting and Finance. He’s also an MBA graduate from the University of California Irvine.

Their Mission

Their mission for a travel trailer is pretty ambitious, to say the least. It entails crafting hand-built trailers for those seeking adventure while still enjoying the comforts of home. And they want to package that in a lightweight and durable trailer that has a full kitchen, bathroom, and a comfortable sleeping area.

Did Travis and Elisabeth fulfill their mission? Let’s find out.


There are several innovative construction features of the RKS Off-Road Purpose that make it rather unique in the industry. First off you will not find any wood on this trailer. The chassis is all-aluminum construction and the floor and walls are thermal insulating composite honeycombed panels. The floor panels are 1 1/2 inch thickness and are 40% lighter than foam core panels yet are 5X stronger.

Some have stated the aluminum chassis is not the best for off-road conditions, however, Travis believes that the marriage of the aluminum chassis and the honeycomb composite floor/walls is indeed the perfect solution for off-road. If the thermal transfer of Aluminum is your concern, they have addressed this with 1/4  memory foam covered in marine-grade vinyl in the interior. Travis is quick to point out that final durability testing has not happened yet. He is looking forward to it and has no reservations that the Purpose will pass durability testing with flying colors.


The exterior walls of the Purpose are constructed from the same honeycomb composite panels as the floor. The trailer will include two dual-pane pop-up windows on each side and a rooftop tent option with access from inside or by ladder from the outside.  Over the bathroom is a popup with a 210 watt embedded solar panel.

The rooftop tent extends up up like pop up campers to give you additional space.

You’ll also find a 7′ x 5′ outdoor kitchen, referred to as the “Chef’s Playground” that includes a portable 20K BTU 2-burner stove, a stainless steel mounted sinks and large capacity refrigerator/freezer/cooler slide out. The swing-out outdoor kitchen door can also serve as protection from the wind and/or sun.

RKS Off-Road Purpose concept drawing

You will also find a rotating hitch that will allow for a very nice turning radius of just over 90 degrees. See the photo below.

RKS Off-Road Purpose hitch

Exterior Key Features

  • 6″ x 2″ Aluminum Structure Frame
  • Aircraft Grade Custom Extrusions
  • 32.5″ x 11.5′ Standard Off-road Tires with 18″ x 9″ Off-road Wheels
  • 12″ Electrified Hydraulic Brakes
  • Independent Axle-less Suspension
  • Roof Top Tent (RTT)
    • Interior Roof Access
    • Modular Exterior Ladder Access
    • Up to 1,000 lbs of supported

Exterior Specification

  • Exterior Length: 16.5′
  • Exterior Width: 7.6′
  • Exterior Height (Closed): 6.5′
  • Exterior Height (Shower Open): 9.5′
  • Exterior Height (Tent Open): 12′
  • Ground Clearance: 21″


At the moment the Purpose travel trailer is available in one floorplan. Though I heard that some custom inquiries are being entertained for carrying motorbikes, with fold-down cots.

RKS Off-Road Purpose interior floor plan

The interior of the Purpose is definitely not cluttered which is something I really like. All the electrical will be mounted behind wire raceways creating a professional and nice looking installation. You enter through a wide 30″ x 45″ entry door that leads into an area that includes the bathroom area as well.

The bathroom features a full-size porcelain toilet, a porcelain sink, and a large indoor/outdoor shower. It is a full-height bathroom area thanks to the pop-up feature.

Tammy and I won’t even consider a travel trailer that doesn’t have at a minimum a queen-size bed. The RKS Off-Road Purpose doesn’t disappoint. In the bedroom area, you will find an 80″ x 60″ queen bed or if you can choose two 80″ x 26″ single beds. Either way, I think you’ll be quite comfortable sleeping in the Purpose.

Additional features in the bedroom include pop-out windows, day/nightshade system and an overhead LED light pod. For entertainment, you have a 24-inch LED TV and a high-end interior/exterior audio system.

Interior  Key Features

  • Large Interior Shower
  • Sink With Stainless Steel Faucet
  • Acrylic Wall Mirror With LED Lights
  • Instant Hot Water System
  • RKS Proprietary Water Management System
  • Under Bed Storage
  • Compact Furnace

Additional Specifications and Features

As with any travel trailer knowing your weights is important in choosing the right tow vehicle. Here are the weight specifications on the RKS Purpose:

  • Tongue Weight: 440 lbs (depends on loading)
  • Tongue Height: 23″
  • Dry Weight: 2,000 lbs (with standard features)
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 3,200 lbs
  • GVWR: 5,200
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4 Adults

If your vehicle tows only 3,500lbs, then you are in luck.  RKS is also in the development of a lighter, slightly smaller trailer just for you.

The Purpose is available with two 20lb propane tanks and the freshwater capacity is a whopping 70 gallons. Grey and black water tanks are 28 and 60 gallons respectively.

There is also a compartment for a generator. As of the date of this post, no dimension for the compartment are available.

In addition to the features I have mentioned in this post, some of which are optional, there are over a dozen accessories that you can purchase to make the most of your adventure camper. Here is a partial list:

  • Table and Chairs
  • Hunter Preparation Package
  • Fisher Preparation Package
  • Surf/Kayak Package
  • Bike Mount
  • Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers (Rail Mount)
  • Many more to come…

There is no detail yet on what any of the Preparation Packages will contain however once they are finalized I’m sure they will be added to the RKS Off-Road website.

My Final Thoughts

From what I have seen so far I think RKS Off-Road has a winner on their hands with the Purpose travel trailer. I believe that because they are going to great lengths to build a high-quality, durable and innovative trailer. Here is an example of just how far they go to test durability.

Construction appears to be superb and both the exterior and interior are very well-designed and extremely functional.

Is this travel trailer suitable for everyone? No, it’s not, however, there is no one camper that does that. The Purpose, in my opinion, is built for those that prefer the road less traveled. This is the type of trailer that goes to places other campers can’t. Its durability and ruggedness mean it’s not going to fall apart over rough terrain.

The ability to customize it with the optional Preparation Packages and accessories makes it easy to appeal to those who love the outdoors, including a fly fisherman like myself.

Pricing for the RKS Off-Road Purpose (this is estimated) is as follows:

  • Base DIY Model: $15,000 (Body and Chassis Only)
  • Nicely Appointed: $45,000 (w/ Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom)
  • Fully Loaded: $65,000 (w/All the additional luxuries and accessories)

The first production units are tentatively scheduled for May 2020. A deposit of $1,000 reserves your unit.

Where to Get More Information

RKS Off-Road Website:
RKS Off-Road, LLC
5511 N Peck Road
Arcadia, CA 91006
Phone: (888) 757-7623
Email: [email protected]
Connect with RKS Off-Road on  Facebook and Instagram

Warranty Information:

  • Limited Lifetime on Structure and Body
  • Limited 1 Year on Content and Accessories

Some information I have provided in this article may be subject to change without notice. Please check their website for the latest information.

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