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11 Must-Have RV Memberships That Save You Money

Published on March 6th, 2022 by Ray & Tammy Roman
This post was updated on May 19th, 2023

Rving is an exciting way to make memories that last a lifetime, but something else unforgettable is the cost of staying at different campsites.

You can save money while camping in several ways, and one of our favorites is joining an RV Membership site. 

Most of these sites offer discounts at campgrounds that are deep enough that they more than pay for themselves after just a few uses.  

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Where can you find these RV memberships? Well, we’ve collected a list for you! Check them out below; we are hopeful one of these sites will be exactly what you’re looking for!

Harvest Hosts

Membership cost – $99 yearly 

Regarding RV memberships, Harvest Host is one of our favorites. Harvest Hosts offers unlimited access to over 2,777 camping sites for overnight stays.

Some of these sites are wineries, breweries, vineyards, art museums, planetariums, aquariums, and farms of all sorts, including berry farms, lavender farms, creameries, orchards, and cider mills.  

RV memberships

Their website has an interactive, color-coded map that helps you find the sites near you or wherever you plan to visit.

There are locations all over the continental United States. The website also has an extensive FAQ section that would help with any questions. 

Here are the rules for participation – You must have a self-contained RV; there will be no hookups or bathrooms. Tents are not allowed. All stays are limited to one night unless stated otherwise by the host.

You will need to provide proof of membership when checking in. Finally, you’ll need to maintain liability insurance on your vehicle and be able to provide evidence if requested. 

Please read our full Harvest hosts review.

Boondockers Welcome

Membership Cost – $50 yearly 

There aren’t meant RV memberships for boondockers, so Boondocker Welcome is a great one to belong to. Boondockers Welcome has over 2911 host locations worldwide that offer unlimited access for a one-night stay. While the membership will allow for free boondocking at host locations, almost 75% of this RV membership site hosts offer electrical/water hookups. 

Remember, these will have a fee and are not included in your membership should you choose to use them. 

Boondockers Welcome’s website has an interactive map, a small FAQ section, and reviews left by previous guests. They also offer an app that is supported on iOS and Android devices.

To find a location to stay, you can use the interactive map or a host search option from the app or when logged into the site.

Hosts will have photos of their locations, reviews, and fees (such as fees from using the hookups) listed in their bios. 

Here are the rules for participation – You must have a self-contained RV. Mini-vans, cars, SUVs, trucks, or tents are not allowed.

Travel trailers, truck campers, and motorhomes are welcome. Each host location included in your membership is for boondocking only. If you use hookups, expect to pay a fee for the convenience.

All guests must agree to a courtesy contract, a small list of behavior expectations when staying with a host. 

Learn more about boondocking.

Escapees RV Club

Membership cost – $49.95 yearly

Escapees RV Club was established in 1979 and has become one of the world’s oldest and largest RV memberships.

A membership with Escapees RV Club allows you to park your RV at 18 different Escapee Parks from Washington to Florida.

The club has also worked with over 800 commercial RV locations to able to offer nightly discounts between 15-50%.

The mapping tool used by this RV membership site is one of the best we’ve seen. It shows you different Escapee RV and commercial parks and allows you to search by areas near you, your destination, or even a specific route.

You can search based on discount parks, things to do, and boondocking locations, and it even offers turn-by-turn directions!

The Escapees RV Club website is full of helpful information.

Membership offers access to a mail forwarding service, RVer Job Exchange (they help you find work while you travel), roadside assistance, advocacy programs, educational opportunities, and a caring and compassionate community of RVers. 

Passport America

Membership cost – $44 yearly

Passport America is another must-have RV membership site that offers discounted rates of 50% at over 1,200 campgrounds through a discount card.

Membership includes a free online subscription to RV America Magazine and access to programs and discounts designed exclusively for Passport America members. 

Unlike some of the other RV Membership sites we’ve listed, Passport America offers more than a yearly rate. 

You can save 10% by signing up for a 2-year plan which costs $79, or 17% if you sign up for a 3-year plan that costs $109. They even offer a lifetime membership option. 

There is no group-mandated limit on nights guests can stay at the campgrounds. All limits are set by the individual park and can be found in the park’s listing on the Passport America website.

There are no additional fees or a maximum number of uses for the discount card. 

Thousand Trails

Membership Cost – $630 yearly

We know; this looks like maybe we fat-fingered the price while typing it. You read it correctly; this membership starts at $630 a year.

But Thousand Trails isn’t just offering discounted nights at commercial RV locations; they offer an experience at no more cost than your membership fee. Hear us out. 

Thousand Trails has over 80 locations in 22 states at some of the country’s most sought-after resort and vacation locations; places like Orlando, Florida, the Red Rock mountains in Arizona, the best fishing lakes in Texas, and so much more.

Most of the campsites offer full RV hookups that will accommodate all types of RVs. Don’t have an RV? No problem. The campsites also offer rental accommodations!

Each campground has something different to offer, but most have something that will entertain your whole family.

Thousand Trails offers theme nights (think casino or luaus themes), social and recreational events, and even sporting events.

Other amenities include wifi, golf courses, playgrounds, fishing, swimming pools, bike trails, and restaurants. 

Their website lets you see campgrounds in your area or all over the country before joining.

You can see the amenities at each site; some even have a virtual tour of the campground and rental properties.

We think you’ll like what you see and may even find the membership price worth every penny!

Coach-Net Roadside Assistance

Coach-Net roadside assistance is critical for any RVer. Don’t think for a minute that your regular automotive insurance towing coverage is going to bail you out when you need it. Ask about any RVer who tried using automobile insurance towing coverage to help their RV issue. Many can tell you about not being able to get the right tow truck to the scene, or even being denied help because their RV was too big for the towing contractors associated with the plan.

Coach-Net is a company that only helps RVers with roadside emergencies like flat tires, mechanical breakdowns, and accidents. They know how to get the right tow truck for your rig, troubleshoot problems, and even help with must-have RV services like travel insurance and medical emergency evacuation.

Happy Camper Club

Membership cost – $39.99 yearly

Happy Camper Club is an RV Membership site that offers half-price stays for campers of all types, not just RVers.  Don’t let the simplicity of their website fool you.

Happy Camper Club offers half-price stays at hundreds of campgrounds which can be found using their campsite search tool. 

They even offer a chance for you to earn money while camping.

If you come across a campsite not part of the Happy Camper Club, you can refer them to Happy Camper, and they’ll pay you $25 for each park you refer!

Overnight RV Parking

Membership cost – $29.99 yearly

Overnight RV Parking is an RV membership site that offers access to one of the largest free RV parking locations databases for users in the US and Canada.

The database contains over 16,000 locations. These locations are meant to be used by RVers who need a place to stop for sleep and are not designed for camping or more than a one-night stay.  

Not only does their database show you where you can park, it also shows you where you cannot park. The database is color-coded to help identify these areas quickly.

Locations marked in red are areas where parking is prohibited. The site also offers an app that will give you access to the database while you’re on the go. 

KOA Value Kard Rewards

Membership cost – $33 yearly

The KOA Value, Kard Rewards membership, offers 10% off registration rates, reward points that can accumulate for cash off future rewards, and a free night of camping during KOA rewards weekends. 

KOA campsites have been around since 1962 and can be found along major highways and freeways.

The KOA Value Kard is open to anyone who uses KOA sites and offers exclusive discounts and offers from partners such as Goodyear Tires, Allstate Roadhelp, DishTV, and more.

A complete list of partners and all the ways points can be redeemed can be found on their website. 

Explorer RV Club

Membership cost – $47.99 yearly

Explorer RV Club is a Canadian-based membership program that offers discounts at campsites and much more. A yearly membership costs $47.99, or a two-year membership is $77.99. 

Membership perks include discounted rates at campgrounds across Canada and the US, 10% off RV insurance through Wayfarer Insurance Group (For Canadians only), discounted parts and supplies at Canadian RV dealers, affordable emergency roadside assistance, 15% discount on admission to ORVDA RV shows, and so many other perks! For a complete list of perks, check out their website. 

FMCA (Family Motorcoach Association)

Membership cost – $50 yearly

The Family Motorcoach Association is an RV Membership site that seeks to educate, empower, and equip RV owners in a way that allows them to appreciate better and enjoy the outdoors.

They provide a community that offers assistance with RV questions, friendships, and events. 

FMCA offers a list of membership perks, but the highlights include FMCAssist (emergency medical evacuation coverage available when you’re more than 75 miles from home), FMCA Tire Savings Program, and Roadside Rescue, special insurance rates, and a subscription to Family RVing Magazine. 

Memberships can be purchased for up to three years at a time. The first time you purchase a membership, there will be a $10 processing fee. That fee will not apply to membership renewals. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick, free place to park your RV while you rest or a getaway to a resort-style camping experience, our list of RV membership sites have you covered.

RV Memberships Final Thoughts

We hope you and your family make constant use of these memberships and begin to save money. If we could just make one more small suggestion … S’mores ingredients would be the perfect way to put those savings to good use! 

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