Tiny Home Living and Porch

Published on July 30th, 2022 by Ray & Tammy Roman

We RVers, know tiny home living is a thing. We all have been doing it for decades. The rest of the population is catching up and realizing some inherent benefits of this style of living.

Maria Jose Meneses at Porch.com explores in her article “Everything About Tiny Living: Tips From The Experts” the challenges and benefits of tiny living.

RV Tiny Home | Go Tavel Trailers

She has reached out to many folks living in tiny homes (RVs included) who have experience in tiny home living and has challenged them with a question.

Tammy and I are featured in the article. Our question from Maria was:

How do you successfully live in an RV?

To see our answer, click over to the Porch.com article right here.

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