Towable RV Types To Consider

Published on March 6th, 2019 by Ray & Tammy Roman
This post was updated on February 23rd, 2021

List of 5 Towable RV Types

  1. Fifth Wheel
  2. Toy Hauler
  3. Pop Up Camper (Expandable Travel Trailer)
  4. Truck Camper
  5. Travel Trailer

RV is an abbreviation for a recreational vehicle. An RV is a trailer or vehicle which is designed with living quarters included. It is simply a movable accommodation facility. The facilities included in an RV will include a kitchen, bathrooms, and sleeping facilities.

These vehicles are designed differently with simple ones having only basic cooking facilities and sleeping space while others could be complicated such that they have hot water fittings, television, satellite receivers, and air conditioning.

Towable or Not

RVs are either made as towable trailers, which are easily towed by vehicles, or can be made as a self-motorized vehicle whereby the facility is attached to the vehicle body. Most of these recreational vehicles are single-deck though rarely double-decked ones are there. Since some RVs are large and may be wider than the road, they are made with expandable sides which can be folded while on transit.

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It is always good to know the types of RVs available. It would not be anyone’s wish to get the largest RV just because it is the only one available or gets the smallest. It is also important to know the difference between the RVs so that one can compare and make the best decision. It is always easy to get overwhelmed by a large number of options available when choosing the RV you want to use. When it comes to this, there are factors you should consider when choosing your Recreational Vehicle:

  • Your planned budget
  • Get clear information on where you will be traveling to
  • Have know-how of the people you are planning to travel with

Towable RV Types

The discussion in this article will outline the different types of towable Recreational vehicles available to choose from. We will go ahead and discuss the pros and cons in each category so that when making your choice it can be the right one.

Fifth (5th) Wheel

A fifth-wheel trailer is the biggest of the towable RVs and actually the most luxurious. This, however, translates to them being the most expensive. These RVs are very long, they will range between 20 and 40 feet, this makes them be only towable by big pickup trucks. The trucks have gooseneck extensions at the tail end of their body to connect the RVs.

towable rv types

This Recreational vehicle type is very spacious since they will not leave spaces for a cockpit. They, therefore, have large kitchens and full-size baths. They will have accommodation for up to eight people and have ample storage space. A fifth-wheel trailer has slide-outs which offer additional interior space. It is illegal to ride in a towed vehicle so when transporting the trailer you should consider space in the truck that you are using to haul them.


  • It is convenient and has many amenities
  • Its movement is secure. It has no stability issues while being towed.
  • It is affordable when compared to motorized RVs of the same size


  • Due to large size, it requires a similarly large towing vehicle
  • Can be hard to drive it due to large size
  • When traveling the passenger size is limited.

Sports Utility Trailers or Toy Haulers

They are sometimes called by their initials (SUTs) or toy haulers. This type of RVs is relatively new in the market. They are generally designed to help travelers transport their motorcycles and jet skis more easily. They are made in sizes of between 20 and 30 feet and are divided into two sections. The front one has loving quarters while the rear one has a pull-down ramp fixed.

Sports Utility Trailers Or Toy Haulers

The rear space can be used for its intended purpose (as a motor toy hauler) as many will do so. Others can convert it to an additional storage space or use it for any other possible purposes. These towable travel trailers, however, are long and may give a challenge when towing them, just like the others.


  • It is easy to transport cargo with these RVs
  • The living area is easy to equip with necessary amenities
  • Has a free space in which you can decide what to do with it. if not used for your toys


  • Very difficult to drive more so on the reverse
  • When traveling passenger space is limited
  • Living space is less when compared to other RVs

Pop Up Campers

They are also referred to as tent trailers or fold-down campers. These trailers have extendable sides that can be easily folded when traveling. The permanent hard part contains the kitchen and bath areas while the extendable parts make the sleeping spaces. The RV can accommodate up to six people.

Pop Up Campers

These towable RV types are best suited for occasional campers than long time living because they have a small storage area. Due to the extendable sides, the RV might not offer protection in extreme environments. They are easily towable due to their small size as well as a lightweight and therefore small vehicles can be used to tow.


  • Not expensive to purchase
  • It’s easy to tow
  • Ease to maneuver


  • Small living spaces
  • Living space is limited
  • Canvas sides wear out easily
  • Not the best in extreme weather

Truck Campers

These vehicles are comprised of a hard-sided shell that is attached to a pickup truck. These towable travel trailers will house a maximum of four people and will offer small cooking, dining, and dining facilities. They are the best for people who prefer flexible RVs over towable RV types.

Truck Campers

Point to note: Some people don’t consider truck campers as towable. We did since without a vehicle it’s not going anywhere.


  • It is not expensive to repair or insure
  • Easily driven
  • Great when going off-road
  • You can remove the shell and use your vehicle normally


Travel Trailers

These towable RV types come in different shapes and sizes. They have a range from tiny ones of 4-foot to large 35-foot models with room for up to 8 people. The amenities will vary with different sizes with large models having equipped bedrooms, full baths, and spacious kitchens. Small ones will only offer sleeping spaces for two people and basic cooking facilities.

Travel Trailers

Due to varied sizes in travel trailers, there is a size that can be towed by approximately any family car. Like in any other, it is illegal to ride in a towed car, and therefore you should consider a towing car with passenger spaces. With large models, the driver will experience issues while reversing and maneuvering. They will also have challenges with tail swings.


  • Many sizes to choose from
  • Different vehicles can to a travel trailer
  • Not too expensive


  • Difficulty reversing
  • Tail swings
  • Passenger space is limited when traveling
  • Limited amenities in smaller trailers

So which is your best towable RV? As discussed above, each vehicle comes with its own pros and cons. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits your needs and budget. Also, check out what we think are some of the best travel trailers.

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