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25 Almost Genius Travel Trailer Hacks

Published on April 28th, 2019 by Ray & Tammy Roman
This post was updated on February 14th, 2021

If you are looking to optimize the space and overall use of your camper than these travel trailer hacks will do just that. These hacks can be easily implemented using everyday items you can find around your home or at the local hardware store.

1. Add a suspension rod inside your shower

Most campers have enough closet space for all your clothes, but what if you need more. Simply install a suspension rod in your camper shower to create another closet.

2. 3M Command Hooks

Versatile and easy to install and remove 3M Command hooks can be placed just about anywhere to hang stuff including but not limited to towels, coats, and pictures. No more drilling.

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travel trailer hacks

3. Get bowls that nest

Save space inside your cabinets by purchasing nesting bowls. Nesting bowls fit inside each other saving you lots of space.

Nest bowls

4. Use your oven for storage

The inside of your oven can be used as additional storage. Just make sure it’s off and that you don’t accidentally turn it on with your stuff inside.

5. Use a hanging shoe organizer

A quick and easy way to get shoes off the floor and stored neatly is to use a hanging shoe organizer. They are inexpensive and can easily hang behind a door or on the wall with the 3M Command hooks.

6. Use collapsible hanging canvas shelves

One of our favorite travel trailer hacks is to use one or two collapsible hanging canvas shelves in your closet for added storage and better organization. Lots of colors to choose from.

Use Collapsible Hanging Canvas Shelves

7. Use hanging containers for storage

You can use hanging containers for storage by placing hanging them on a towel holder. You can probably fit 4 or 5 of them to store various small items.

 Use Hanging Containers For Storage

8. Hanging kitchen wire baskets

You can hang wire baskets along your kitchen wall for added storage above your countertop. Use the 3M Command hooks. Great for fruits and other cooking supplies or utensils.

Hanging Kitchen Wire Baskets

9. Shower curtain rings with clips to hang your loofah

You can buy inexpensive shower curtain rings with clips to hang your loofah, shampoo, conditioners, and your body lotion as well.

Shower Curtain Rings With Clips To Hang Your Loofah

10. Use a magazine holder for added storage

Attach a magazine holder to the inside of a cabinet door and use it to hold boxed foil, wax paper, etc.

Use A Magazine Holder For Added Storage

11. Tile in the oven

Is your travel trailer oven not cooking evenly. This is often the result of uneven heat distribution. Placing a ceramic tile in the center of the oven help distribute the heat evenly inside your RV oven.

12. Use a vent cushion

One easy way to maintain a fairly consistent temperature in your RV is to use a vent cushion also aka a vent pillow. A vent cushion goes over the vent and clocks out sunlight, protect furniture from harmful rays, keep heat out in the summer and warmth in during those colds days.

Use A Vent Cushion

13. Insulate door window

The door window on your camper is usually a clear piece of glass. To add some privacy and temperature control you cover the glass in automotive window tint.

14. Park in the shade

Summers can be brutal on a travel trailer interior. Parking your RV under a tree that provides ample shade over your roof. It helps to put less strain on your AC unit while also saving you money since it doesn’t have to run as often.

15. Cover your windows

During the summer windows let in a lot of sunlight which raises the interior temperature. Using blinds or shade help keep the sunlight out. For added protection use reflective insulation on all your windows. You can also install exterior window shades to provide a more pleasing appearance.

16. Cook outside

During the summer months cook outside whenever possible. You can use a tabletop propane grill like the one below.

Cook outside

17. Glow in the dark entry steps

Use some glow in the dark tape to add some stripes to your entry steps so you can see them better at night. I recommend the Glow Lion Anti-Slip. It is made specifically for stairs but can also be used elsewhere.

Glow In The Dark Entry Steps

18. Charcoal grilling tip

Sometimes getting those charcoals lit can be a bit of a challenge. Here’s a quick tip. Take an empty egg carton and place charcoal briquettes in the each of the egg holders. The egg carton is now your kindling and the carton also acts as a wind barrier. It will get your charcoal going fast.

19. Soap in a pantyhose

If you have an outdoor spigot at your campground use a pantyhose to hold a bar of soap so that it is quickly accessible and off the ground. The hose is thin so soap bubbles still form with water.

19. Need a nightstand? use a caddy

Whether you have a nightstand or not you can add extra storage to your bedside with a mattress caddy also known as a bedside organizer. They work great for storing glasses, your phone, a ready lamp, etc.

Need A Nightstand? Use A Caddy

20. Collapsible trash can

Use collapsible trash can like the Camco utility container shown below. It has a sturdy frame that will hold a 33-gallon trash bag. It comes with a stake to secure it against wind and pets. Now you have a trash can for the campsite the quickly collapses for storage and is out of the way.

Collapsible Trash Can

21. A dry erase board for quick information

Mount a dry erase board on a wall near you. When you get to your campground write the address of the campground, and your site number in case you need it in an emergency. You can also use the dry erase board for reminders, a checklist, WiFi password or a grocery list.

22. No more wasps near your propane tank or lines.

I had no idea that propane attracts wasps. You can place cut up flea collars in the propane tank compartment to repel wasps.

23. Flag hold re-purposed as a paper towel holder

Use a garden flag holder as a paper towel holder. They have two prongs so they are easy to stick next to your picnic table or anywhere you need them.

Flag Hold Re-Purposed As A Paper Towel Holder

24. PVC pipe toothbrush holder

Of all the travel trailer hacks this one is our most clever. This clever DIY project can be mounted inside a bathroom cabinet door. It holds your toothbrushes and keeps them out of sight. Full instruction on how to make these PVC pipe toothbrush holders can be found at Crafting In The Rain.

PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holder

25. PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

Here is another PVC DIY RV hack to help you organize shoes. This comes to us courtesy of Ditching Suburbia. He used scheduled 80 3/4 inch tubing and schedule 40 connectors to make this hack.

PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

Travel Trailer Hacks Summary

These 25 hacks will help you add more storage space and organize your RV. Here is one more hack for your camper. Have fun using these and share this article with others you think will benefit from these RV hacks.

In addition to the RV hacks above I wrote an article with our list of best travel trailer brands. I hope you enjoy that article as well.

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