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10 Awesome Travel Trailers With Bunk House

Published on July 16th, 2018 by Ray & Tammy Roman
This post was updated on October 5th, 2023

Travel trailers with bunkhouses increase sleeping capacity without taking up additional floor space. These is our top 10 recommendations.

PS: If you are looking for travel trailers with outdoor kitchens which in my opinion is a useful feature to have you can read the top 9 travel trailers with outdoor kitchens that I recommend.

10 Travel Trailers with Bunk House

Lance Camper 2185

travel trailers with bunk beds

The Lance Camper 2185 includes a bunkhouse in this particular floor plan. The bunk bed is located towards the rear of the travel trailer. This is an excellent family camper weighing in at 4,565 pounds so it can be towed with an SUV or pickup. There are actually 3 bunk beds, that can sleep three adults. The bunk beds can be configured as space for bikes or toys allowing more space flexibility.

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The Lance 2185 has the following specifications:

  • Exterior Length: 21-feet 2-inches
  • Exterior Width: 96-3/4 inches
  • Interior Height: 78-inches
  • Sleeping Capacity: 7
  • GVWR: 4,565 lbs.

BTW this is our favorite Lance Camper for couples.

Starcraft RV

Starcraft RV seems to understand the having bunkhouse in their line-up is a good thing as they have (23) floor plans that include bunk beds in their layout.  The list below is the models that have bunk beds and each model may have multiple floor plans with bunks. These are all travel trailers but they also have 5th wheels with bunk beds as well.

  • Autumn Ridge – (4)
  • Autumn Ridge Outfitters – (7)
  • Avalon – (3)
  • GPS – (1)
  • Launch Outfitter – (3)
  • Launch Outfitter 7 – (1)
  • Launch Ultralite – (1)
  • Mossy Oak – (2)
  • Mossy Oak Lite – (1)

You can see all these models and floor plans here.

Jayco Jay Flight

Jayco, like Starcraft, is another brand that offers travel trailers with a bunk house. Bunk houses are offered on several models, and some models have multiple RV floor plans with opposing slides as well as bunk beds. Let’s take a look at the Jayco model line-up that includes bunks in their design.

  • Jay Feather – (4)
  • White Hawk – (3)
  • Jay Flight SLX7 – (3)
  • Jay Flight SLX8 – (9)
  • Jay Flight – (8)
  • Jay Flight Bungalow – (2) floor plans have bunk beds. This is one huge and heavy travel trailer that resembles a destination trailer more than it does a pull-behind camper.
  • Eagle HT – (2)
  • Eagle – (1)

Overall Jayco has an extensive selection of travel trailer with bunk beds. Their varied selection of models ensures that you are bound to find one you will like and that is within your budget. To see all of the Jayco travel trailers you can visit their website.

Forest River

Forest River has an extensive line-up of travel trailers. Many have incorporated bunk beds in their design to maximize sleeping capacity. Here is a list of the Forest River travel trailers, along with the number of floor plans, that have bunk beds.

  • Alpha Wolf – (1)
  • Cherokee – (5)
  • Salem Cruise Lite – (6)
  • Evo – (7)
  • Flagstaff Classic Super Lite – (3)
  • Flagstaff E-Pro – (1)
  • Flagstaff Micro Lite – (4)
  • Flagstaff SuperLite – (3)
  • Flagstaff V-Lite – (1)
  • Cherokee Grey Wolf – (7)
  • Salem Hemisphere – (1)
  • Salem Hyper-Lyte Hemisphere – (1)
  • Wildwood Heritage Glen – (1)
  • Rockwood Geo Pro – (1)
  • Rockwood Mini-Lite – (5)
  • Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite – (1)
  • Rockwood Ultra Lite – (2)
  • Salem – (6)
  • Salem FSX – (2)
  • Sonoma – (6)
  • Surveyor – (4)
  • Vibe – (3)
  • Vibe Extreme Lite – (3)
  • Wildcat – (1)
  • Wildcat Maxx – (3)
  • Wildwood – (6)
  • Wildwood FSX – (2)
  • Cherokee Pup – (1)
  • Wildwood X-Lite – (6)

You can view all of the available models and floor plan on the Forest River website.

Prime Time Manufacturing

Prime Time RV makes a total of 6 different travel trailer models with the Lacrosse being one of their most popular. Here are the models and the number of floor plans that have bunk houses in their layout.

  • Avenger ATI – (6)
  • Avenger – (8)
  • Tracer Breeze – (3) includes dealer stock only
  • Tracer Air -(7) includes dealer stock only
  • Tracer – (6) includes dealer stock only
  • Lacrosse – (7) includes dealer stock only

Highland Ridge RV

Highland Ridge RV makes 9 travel trailer models that include Open Range Ultra Lite and Mesa Ridge Lite among others. Mange of the models that floor plans that include bunk beds. Below the Highland Ridge RV travel trailer models that include bunk beds.

  • Open Range Ultra Lite – (5)
  • Mesa Ridge Lite – (5)
  • Silver Star Lite – (1)
  • Mesa Ridge Limited – (2)
  • Silver Star Limited – (1)
  • Light – (2)
  • Mesa Ridge – (2)
  • Silver Star – (2)
  • Open Range – (2)

Highland Ridge RV travel trailer models and floor plans can be view here.

Dutchmen RV

Dutchmen RV is a division of Keystone RV. Under the Dutchmen name, you will find several brands including Aerolite, Aspen Trailer, and Coleman. Within each brand, you will find various floor plans that include bunk beds in their design. The list below is an exhaustive list of the brands and the corresponding floor plans that have bunk beds.

  • Aerolite – (4)
  • Aspen Trail – (15)
  • Atlas – (2)


Under the Coleman brand, you will find 5 models of travel trailers. They are listed below along with the number of floor plans that have bunk beds.

  • Coleman Lantern LT – (2)
  • Coleman Lantern – (6)
  • Coleman Light LX – (3)
  • Coleman Light – (3)
  • Coleman Light Elevated – (1)


Kodiak has several models of travel trailers under their brand just like Coleman above.

  • Kodiak Cub – (1)
  • Kodiak Ultimate – (4)
  • Kodiak Ultra-Lite – (7)

Crossroads RV

Below is a list of Crossroads RV consisting of models that have bunk beds.

  • Sunset Trail Grand Reserve – (1)
  • Sunset Trail Super Lite – (4)
  • Volante – (3)
  • Zinger-1 – (1) Looks like this model might be discontinued as most of the floor plans are labeled “dealer stock only”
  • Zinger – (6)
  • Zinger Lite – (1)

Keystone RV

Keystone RV has 15 travel trailer models in their lineup. From the Bullet to the Cougar chances are very good one of their floor plans will have bunk beds. Our list below indicates which models have bunk bends and how many of their floor plans incorporate them in their design.

  • Bullet – (5)
  • Cougar – (3)
  • Hideout – (9)
  • Laredo – (2)
  • Outback – (2)
  • Outback Ultra Lite – (5)
  • Passport – (5)
  • Passport Elite – (1)
  • Premier – (4)
  • Springdale – (9)
  • Sprinter – (1)
  • Sprinter Campfire – (2)

Grand Design

Grand Design makes 4 models of travel trailers each with their own unique floor plans. Below are the models and floor plans with bunk beds.

  • Transcend – (2)
  • Imagine XLS – (1)
  • Imagine – (3)
  • Reflection – (2)

What is the Difference Between an RV with a Bunk Bed and a Bunk House?

As more RV brands look to attract families the design of travel trailers has evolved to accommodate those size group. Specifically, when it comes to additional sleeping capacity without taking up more space, manufacturers have added bunk beds or bunkhouses to their floor plans.

But what is the difference between a bunk bed or bunkhouse? Below we’ll go over each one.

Travel Trailer with Bunk Beds

Travel trailers with bunk house

Above is an interior of a travel trailer with bunk beds. There are dozens of travel trailer floor plans with bunk beds. Bunk beds are usually seen as part of a slide out.

Travel Trailer with Bunkhouse

travel trailer with bunkhouse

Above is a typical bunkhouse layout. The area below the bunk bed often times has seating that converts to a bed when needed. We like this design a bit better than just two bunk beds as this adds flexibility to space as it can be used as a seating area when the bed is not in use.

Travel Trailers with Bunk House Summary

Overall choosing a model of travel trailers with bunk house or beds is a matter of personal choice and personal needs. For a family of 4 or more having bunks are a good choice and one, you should definitely consider.

If you have any questions please post them in the comments below. If big travel trailers are not your style take a look at our pick for the Top 10 Best Pop Up Campers. You might also want to check out our list of top travel trailer brands.

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