Get your  RV Air Conditioner

Get your  RV Air Conditioner

Ready for summer

Ready for summer

By Natalie Henley


Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your AC unit functions efficiently.

Follow these tips so your AC is ready when hot weather hits.

How does RV AC work?

Your RV air conditioner removes heat from the air inside your RV and expels it outside. This leaves you cool and comfy in hot weather.

Are you doing all you can to make sure your AC works when you need it most?

Free maintenance tips!

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Spring is a great time to get started.

Here are 4 things you can do right now  to maintain your RV AC:

Turn off power before  inspecting your unit!


Inspect your AC shroud (cover).  Go up on your RV roof. Is your shroud cracked? Damaged shrouds let moisture & debris inside.


Clean the air filter.  Gently remove debris and dust with a soft brush, and vacuum cleaner attachment to clean the exposed unit.


Clean the Condenser and Evaporator Coils Repeat the air filter cleaning steps. For extremely dirty coils, try a condenser coil cleaner and evaporator coil spray.


Inspect the rubber gasket. Check for water leaks around the AC. Inspect the rubber gasket for damage or wear, and tighten the screws that hold your air conditioner in place.

Is your AC not working right?

There are 5 common situations that most RV ACs will experience at some point.

Know what to do, and when to call an expert.

Want to keep all of your RV appliances in top shape for every season?

Get instant access to online courses where RV experts share the best tips for RV ownership.

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