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What To Bring on RV Road Trips [10 Essentials]

Published on September 20th, 2021 by Ray & Tammy Roman

Pandemic restrictions have eased throughout the country, and plenty of people are thinking of once again hitting the open road.

They may have some questions about what to bring on road trips, and this guide can be a helpful resource for answering those questions and calming those planning anxieties. 

Google Maps 

Most smartphones come pre-equipped with Google Maps these days, but you will definitely want to double-check that yours has it before you start out on your journey.

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It is an invaluable tool for navigation that can get you from Point A to Point B in no time. Best of all, this wonderful navigation tool is designed with the user in mind.

Thus, you can rest assured that it is created to be as straightforward as possible to use at all times. Never again question if you took a wrong turn with this in your pocket. 

Spare Tire 

Tire emergencies are among the most common types of emergencies that one might face while out on the open road. They can occur at any time, and they can leave a traveler stranded in a hurry.

One way to bring about some peace of mind in this situation is to keep a spare tire at the ready for use whenever it may need to be called upon. Obviously, it is also necessary to know how to put on said tire, so make sure you learn that process as well before you head out. 

Paper Map 

Why bring a paper map when you already have Google Maps? Because sometimes electronics fail us, and you want to be left with nothing to fall back on. A paper map is a great resource to have if you are traveling to remote areas in particular.

what to bring on rv road trips

It might prove difficult to get good cellular coverage in those areas, and you don’t want to be lost because you have no access to a map of any kind. 

Portable Charger

Electronic devices require near-constant charging to keep them at the peak of their performance and capabilities. There is nothing worse than attempting to use something that has fully lost its charge.

The strain on the battery of many electronics devices is worsened when one is traveling as the device has to continue to look for new connections repeatedly. As such, bringing along a portable charger to keep those devices charged up is the only thing that makes sense in these scenarios. 

Bug Spray 

Bugs and pests are everywhere, and it is best to be prepared for this inevitability. You should try to keep some high-quality bug spray with you at all times while you travel as it is the best way to keep the bugs from getting even more on you and causing you discomfort.

There is nothing that ruins a vacation faster than someone getting eaten up by bugs. The sprays available in stores today are good at what they do, and most are environmentally conscious as well. 

Road Trip Games 

Driving for long stretches of time can make anyone a little cranky and bored. A good way to spice things up is to bring along some road trip games for the whole family to enjoy.

As a matter of fact, there are games that you can buy for exactly this purpose. If you don’t feel like spending money on something like this, you are always welcome to go with the old standby games, such as looking for as many state license plates as possible, or some other classics that people love. 

Reusable Water Bottles 

No human being can live without water, and it is a good idea to keep it constantly available with you while out on a road trip.

There are stretches of road where it can be difficult to come by a store for many miles. The last thing you want to have happened is to run out of water without a store in sight.

Any savvy road trip warrior knows that he or she must pack some reusable water bottles that they refill at every opportunity to remain hydrated and alert during the trip. 

Wet Wipes 

Spills, smudges, and accidents of all kinds are commonplace while out on the road. Hit a little bump, and your beverage of choice could end up all over the vehicle.

It is nice to have the option to get that cleaned up very quickly, and the best way to make that happen is to use wet wipes.

This product will pick up those spills and create at least a temporary solution for you until you are able to get a better chance to clean things up when you return home from your trip. 

Tire Pressure Gauge 

Tires are once again always at the top of my mind for anyone who travels frequently. They know that the lifeblood of their entire trip comes down to those tires holding up for them the way that they need to.

A tire pressure gauge can be used to check the pressure of those tires at any given point during the trip to ensure that the tires are holding at a reasonable and sustainable pressure level going forward.

After all, it is hugely relevant that the tires maintain certain pressure levels for peak performance. 


You are going to get hungry while you are out on your trip. You might hear your stomach rumbling as you go down the road, and this could prompt you to head for the nearest fast-food restaurant or gas station to fill up on some snacks.

That is an option you could choose, but it can start to get pretty expensive throughout the course of the trip. Instead of doing that, consider bringing along enough snacks that you don’t have to fork over your hard-earned money to fast-food restaurants.

Besides that, the snacks you bring can be much healthier for you anyway!

Final Thoughts What To Bring on Road Trips

In summary, when one looks at what to bring on road trips, it is obvious that the essentials are the most important thing. One should plan for comfort and for keeping their vehicle in peaking operating form.

They should also prepare for potential emergencies or other issues that could arise. Being out on the road is supposed to be a fun experience, and it can be exactly that.

However, it is also necessary to know what you are doing and to prepare for any potential disaster that could arise while you are out there. If you do that, then you should be able to have the best road trip experience imaginable.

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