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The 10 Best Travel Trailer Toy Haulers of 2023

Published on July 26th, 2023 by Rene Agredano
This post was updated on August 17th, 2023

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Ready to pack more fun into your RV adventures? The best travel trailer toy haulers can help you do it. Some are ultralight, some are ultra big, but all let you bring along your favorite outdoor toys. Maybe you’ll haul an ATV for off-road escapades, a dirtbike for adrenaline-rush rides, or bicycles for serene pedals around the campsite. When you carry your outdoor gear along for the ride, the options for things to do while camping are practically endless. 

New to the toy hauler lifestyle? Here are a few quick facts about toy hauler RVs, followed by a short list of 2023’s best travel trailer toy haulers for SUVs and trucks.

Travel Trailer Toy Hauler Basics

You’ll find many similarities between travel trailers and toy haulers. But toy haulers differ because they have a comfortable and spacious cargo area for gear. Toy haulers also have a loading ramp to help get motorcycles and heavy outdoor gear inside. Manufacturers make a variety of toy haulers in different RV classes, such as a toy hauler motorhome, toy hauler fifth wheel, and toy hauler travel trailers.

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Any class of toy hauler RVs are awesome. They are always a perfect match for adventure-seeking families, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone whose heart skips a beat at the mention of a ride, paddle, or other rugged backcountry day trip. Toy haulers give you the luxury of spontaneously deciding to hit biking trails or go kayaking. When you always have your favorite gear along, your choices for RVing fun are practically endless.

Do Toy Haulers Cost More?

Like other RV varieties, travel trailer toy hauler prices vary dramatically in price. You’re looking at anywhere from $37,000 for a basic model, while high-end versions can sail past the $80,000 mark. This higher overall cost compared to conventional travel trailers reflects the added functionality that toy hauler RVs bring to your travels.

What’s the Best Toy Hauler Tow Vehicle?

We hate to dissapoint you, but this question depends on too many factors to say there is one “best toy hauler tow vehicle.” That’s because the best toy hauler tow vehicle is the one that has a towing capacity (GVWR) which is perfectly paired with the weight of your preferred toy hauler.

How much your car, truck or other vehicle can tow depends on the type of vehicle and the towing options on the car or truck.  A general rule of thumb:

  • for a front wheel drive car or small SUV is 1500 pounds
  • a mid-size all-wheel drive SUV or pickup 3000 pounds
  • a full size SUV or half-ton pickup truck 5000 pounds or more. 

The weight limits can vary by large margins depending on how the car or truck is equipped and it is up to you to confirm the limits for your car or truck.

What Camper Can my Vehicle Tow? A Safe Towing Guide, Camper Smarts

More Travel Trailer Toy Hauler Specifications to Consider

It’s fun to look at the many different toy hauler floor plans available. Like any RV, the layout is an important consideration when deciding what rig is best for you. And when it comes to a travel trailer toy hauler layout, you also need to evaluate the balance between living and cargo space. Is there enough of each to meet your needs?

The floor plan, appliances, and sleeping quarters are all worth considering in any RV. But safety considerations are even more critical when evaluating the best travel trailer toy haulers for your camping needs. Take a close look at these specifications before deciding on a model:

Cargo Carrying Capacity

The cargo carrying capacity is an important number. It’s the maximum weight that a travel trailer toy hauler can safely carry when it’s being towed. This figure includes the combined weight of all holding tank fluids, propane, inside and outside gear, food, etc. If you exceed a toy hauler’s cargo carrying capacity, your safety is at risk.

Ramp Door Rating

This refers to the maximum weight the ramp door can handle when loading and unloading toys, such as an ATV, dirtbike, or other heavy equipment. Ramp doors are designed to withstand a certain weight load. Exceeding it can lead to damage or even failure of the ramp, posing potential risks to both people and the equipment. You must know know the weight of your toys to ensure that they’re within the ramp door rating of the toy hauler you’re considering. Finding this rating figure requires deep digging into specification sheets, as most manufacturers don’t highlight it.

Tie-Down Points

Look around a toy hauler and evaluate the number, location, and type of tie-down points for your gear. Tie-downs keep your gear safe while your toy hauler is moving. They prevent damage to the RV, and your equipment. And tie-downs also prevent gear from shifting around, which causes balance issues that can affect the toy hauler’s handling on the road. Any toy hauler should have conveniently located, well-anchored, and plentiful tie-down points for your gear. Like ramp door ratings, you will need to research tie down points to find out this information.

Now that you’re more familiar with travel trailer toy hauler basics, let’s get into the fun part: the best toy haulers of 2023! Here are some of our favorite models now showing at a dealer near you.

The 10 Best Travel Trailer Toy Haulers of 2023

There’s never been a better time to shop for a travel trailer toy hauler. RV manufacturers are offering steep discounts and rebates on 2023 models, as well as dealer stock inventory from previous years. Here are some of our favorite models worth considering this year. 

Travel Lite 24SUR Toy Hauler

Travel Lite 24SUR Toy Hauler
Travel Lite 24SUR Toy Hauler

Made by the manufacturer that took top honors in the RV LIFE 10 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers For 2023 roundup, the Rove Travel Lite 24SUR Toy Hauler is an equally impressive travel trailer with toy hauler capabilities. Got a light-truck or large SUV for a tow vehicle? It’s built for you too! Weighing in as their lightest toy hauler, the 13-foot garage is still perfect for taking your gear and toys on the road. Some of the more impressive features of the 24SUR Toy Hauler include:

100% composite material and aluminum
Seamless one-piece fiberglass roof
Fresh & Gray Tanks: 30 gal. ea.
Black Tank: 5 gal.
GVWR: 7,000 pounds
Cargo Carrying Capacity: 3,500 lbs
Exterior Height: 8’1″
Two 3,500# Axle w/Electric Brakes

Outdoors RV Trail Series Toy Hauler

Outdoors RV Trail Series Toy Haulers.
Outdoors RV Trail Series Toy Haulers.

The Trail Series Toy Haulers line by Outdoors RV is the ideal choice for year round toy hauler camping. Made with Outdoors RV’s famous four-season insulation and rugged construction, these no-slide travel trailer toy haulers come in three different models ranging from 25 to 30 feet long. All have dry weights over 8,000 pounds. We love how transparent Outdoors RV is with their toy hauler specifications. The ability to easily locate information like ramp ratings makes it easy to know what is the best toy hauler for your specific needs. Some of the best features of the 24TRX, 27TRX, and 29TRX include:

Queen-sized walk-around bed
Fresh water tank: 100 gal.
Gray water tank: 65 gal.
Black water tank: 40 gal.
Dry weights over 8,000 lbs.
Cummins Onan 4K On-Board Gas Generator w/ 40 Gallon Fuel Station
Rear Ramp Non-Slip Grip Surface (3000 LB Ramp Down Load Rating)
No Boundaries Off-Grid – Solar Package / Controller

Northwood Manufacturing Desert Fox Toy Hauler

Northwood 2023 Desert Fox Toy Hauler
Northwood 2023 Desert Fox Toy Hauler

Also known as the “DFox,” this toy hauler by Northwood Manufacturing has all of the same great 4-season RV features that loyal customers have come to know and expect. You’ll need a full-sized pickup truck for this one, but in return you get to enjoy one of the most well-built toy haulers in the industry. From the marine-grade roof decking to the thick wall, aluminum frame super structure, and the Northwood-built off-road chassis, this toy hauler is made for backcountry adventures. Both the 24AS and the 27FS Desert Fox toy haulers also feature Northwood’s famous four-season insulated underbelly enclosed tanks, Onan 4.0 generator, 40-gallon on-board filling station, and pressure washer. The 24AS features include:

GVWR: 12,800 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity: 4,205 lbs.
Exterior Length (with hitch): 30′ 2″
Fresh Water Tank: 100 gal.
Gray Water Tank: 47 gal.
Black Water Tank: 50 gal.
Sleeps 6
Shocks on all four wheels
Stabilizer Jacks / MORryde Step Above w/Strut Assist
SolX 4 – 400 Watt Solar Package
10 Cubic Foot 12 Volt Stainless Steel Refrigerator
Rubber Cargo Area Decking / Roll Up Carpet Kit

Alliance RV Valor All Access Travel Trailer Toy Hauler

Alliance RV Valor All Access Travel Trailer Toy Hauler
Alliance RV Valor All Access Travel Trailer Toy Hauler

Currently available in three different models and sizes, the Alliance RV Valor All Access travel trailer toy hauler line starts at $63,360 MSRP for the 21T15 model and goes up to $76,942 MSRP for the 31T13 toy hauler. The Elkhart, Indiana-based manufacturer builds their premium toy hauler line with unobstructed garages ranging in size from 11 to 15-feet long, tie-towns in multiple places throughout, and weather-resistant ramp doors that double as patio spaces. All three Valor toy hauler travel trailers feature:

GVWR: from 11,000 to 13,000 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity: 4,013 to 4,100 lbs.
Exterior Length (with hitch): 26′ 11″ to 35′ 11″
Fresh Water Tank: 98 gal.
Gray Water Tank: 40 to 53 gal.
Black Water Tank: 53 to 93 gal.
30-gal. Fuel Station
Interior Height: 12′ 4″

Coachmen Freedom Express Blast 17BLSE

Coachmen Freedom Express Blast 17BLSE
Coachmen Freedom Express Blast 17BLSE

Made for RV owners with light trucks and larger SUVs, the Coachmen Freedom Express Blast 17BLSE Toy Hauler is a refreshing change of pace in the gear-hauling RV marketplace. With a GWR of just 5,900 lbs., this lightweight toy hauler is priced at $36,599 MSRP. It’s built to last with Coachmen’s “Alumicage” construction that includes vacuum-bonded walls with Azdel Composite panels, front diamond plate protector shield, E-Z Lube® Axles, heated/enclosed underbelly and Tufflex PVC Roofing. From the complete kitchen to queen bed and full bath, it’s built for backcountry adventures with your bikes, kayaks, and other camping gear. Outstanding features of the Blast 17BLSE include:

GVWR: 5,900 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity: 2,112 lbs.
Exterior Length (with hitch): 20′ 3″
Fresh Water Tank: 50 gal.
Gray Water Tank: 35 gal.
Black Water Tank: 35 gal.
Queen bed and 70″ rollover sofa
Solar-ready wiring

Forest River Work and Play Travel Trailer Toy Haulers

Forest River Work and Play Travel Trailer Toy Hauler
Forest River Work and Play Travel Trailer Toy Hauler

Here’s a company that understand today’s RVer. The Forest River Work and Play Travel Trailer Toy Haulers are built for nomads who work hard and play hard wherever and whenever they please. It comes in five different models, all with outstanding features like Vacuum Bonded Walls w/AZDEL Composite Panels (Interior and Exterior), a heated and enclosed underbelly, 2,500 lb. D-ring attachment points for your gear, HD rubberized oil/gas/moisture-resistant flooring in garage area, and plenty of seating and space to work when you have to, or just relax.

Each of the five different models varies in carrying capacity, which doesn’t necessarily correlate with exterior length. For instance, the smallest 25LT model has a cargo carrying capacity of 3,985 lbs., while the 27KB can only haul 3,512 lbs. The trade-off of the 25LT is that it’s the only one with a queen bed. Whichever model you choose you’ll can enjoy great features include:

GVWR: 9,735 to 12,500 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity: 3,512 to 3,985 lbs.
Exterior Length (with hitch): 27′ 5″ to 36′ 4″
Fresh Water Tank: 98 gal. on all
Gray Water Tank: 35 to 70 gal.
Black Water Tank: 35 gal. on all
Optional 30 gal. fuel station
Full kitchen and bath

Genesis Supreme 2023 Ragen 2715FS Travel Trailer Toy Hauler

Genesis Supreme 2023 Ragen 2715FS Travel Trailer Toy Hauler
Genesis Supreme 2023 Ragen 2715FS Travel Trailer Toy Hauler

Built by a Southern California manufacturer located just a few miles away from the world-famous Glamis OHV recreation area, the 2023 Ragen 2715FS from Genesis Supreme is a rock-solid toy hauler made for weekend excursions with the whole family. The 7-sleeper travel trailer toy hauler is the largest model in the Ragen line-up with a $71,200 MSRP. You’ll find it well worth the cost when you camp in comfort with features like:

GVWR: 9,900 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity: 2,440 lbs.
Exterior Length (with hitch): 32′ 9″
Fresh Water Tank: 100 gal.
Gray Water Tank: 40 gal.
Black Water Tank: 40 gal. on all
Optional slideout
15-foot garage

KZ Sportsmen Classic 180TH

KZ Sportsmen Classic 180TH Travel Trailer Toy Hauler
KZ Sportsmen Classic 180TH

The KZ Recreational Vehicles company packs a ton of versatile and functional features into their ultralight toy hauler travel trailer, the 180TH. Kick off your amazing day with a high-octane breakfast in the kitchen equipped with a two-burner cooktop and an 8 cu. ft. 12V refrigerator. Unload your toys from the 9′ cargo space onto the easy-off ramp, and head out for adventure. The full bathroom, flip-out sofa and cold bevvies will be waiting for your return to kick back, relax, and rest up for another adventure in one of two cozy bunks.

KZ’s Sportsmen Classic toy hauler is one of the smallest and lightest in our list of 2023’s best travel trailer toy haulers, but it’s also quite rugged too. It has a 3/8″ full-walkable roof and one-piece seamless Tufflex roof, scissor-style stabilizer jacks, LED interior lights, rail-style cabinet doors, and residential-grade linoleum. The large pass-through storage space offers plenty of extra space for more outdoor toys. Specifications include:

GVWR: 5,000 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity: 1,660 lbs.
Exterior Length (with hitch): 21′ 8″
Fresh Water Tank: 20 gal.
Gray Water Tank: 26 gal.
Black Water Tank: 26 gal.
13-foot awning
9-foot garage

Stealth Trailer Nomad

Stealth Nomad Travel Trailer Toy Hauler
Stealth Nomad Travel Trailer Toy Hauler

The Stealth Nomad travel trailer toy hauler isn’t an ordinary bumper-pull camper. Built with an 8-foot, 5-inch width it can fit more than two-wheeled vehicles. With it’s unusually heavy payload capacity up to 7,325 lbs., you can even fit a jeep or extra-wide side-by-side OHV in the back! Nearly everything can be customized to your adventure. From roof racks to flooring, kitchen to bath, even adding more garage shelving is totally possible with this small but mighty Indiana-based RV manufacturer. The Nomad comes in four different floor plans, and your choice of a queen or double-bunk sleeping area. Specifications of this must-see toy hauler include:

GVWR: 9,990 to 14,000 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity:3,495 to 7,605 lbs.
Exterior Length (with hitch): 24′ 2″ to 36′ 2″
Fresh Water Tank: 46 to 53 gal.
Gray Water Tank: 43 gal.
Black Water Tank: 43 gal.
4,000# Rated Rear Ramp Door w/Flap
24″ Tall Slanted Embossed Stone guard

Keystone RV Fuzion Impact Edition Toy Hauler

When you can’t decide on the best travel trailer toy hauler for you, the Keystone Fuzion line-up is worth considering. With nine different models to choose from, you’re certain to find the right one that meets your needs. Ranging in size from the very light 25V “open concept” floorplan to the largest 415 model, Fuzion toy haulers are built to carry up to 3,500 pounds of gear depending on the size. Specifications to consider include:

MSRP: $57,263 to $93,405
Cargo Carrying Capacity: 1,672 to 4,846 lbs.
Exterior Length (with hitch): 28′ 10″ to 44′
Fresh Water Tank: 54 to 94 gal.
Gray Water Tank: 30 – 88 gal.
Black Water Tank: 30 – 88 gal.
Garage Size: 10′ to 15′
Sleeping Capacity: 6 to 8

We hope you found this information about the best travel trailer toy haulers helpful. If we missed one that you think should be included, please comment so we can include it in future editions. 

The specifications provided for each travel trailer toy hauler are accurate at the time of publication. Please keep in mind that specifications change from time to time. Want more info? Check the manufacture’s website for the latest information.

Want more toy hauler models to review? Our previous list of 12 Popular Toy Haulers is a great reference tool to research older models.

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