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Are Mercedes-Benz Class C Motorhomes Worth the Cost? A Review of 5 Models

Published on October 4th, 2023 by Rene Agredano

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Everyone has their favorite type of RV, and it seems like Mercedes-Benz Class C motorhomes have an especially enthusiastic fanbase. Have you ever wondered why? We have too! That’s why we compiled this guide to motorhomes with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. Keep reading to learn why these RVs are in demand, who makes the most popular models, and why you might consider getting one.

What’s the Big Deal About a Mercedes-Benz Class C Motorhome?

A Mercedes-Benz Class C motorhome is an RV that rides atop a chassis made by the renowned German automotive company. But before we get ahead of ourselves, first let’s explain what a chassis is: 

A chassis is the bottom frame (foundation) of a motorized vehicle.
The frame consists of the cab, engine, transmission, drive train, and wheels.
Generally, the heavier the chassis frame, the more towing and cargo capacity of the vehicle.
Lighter chassis are smaller and narrower, with a smoother ride and better handling.
A Mercedes-Benz Class C motorhome rides on a diesel-powered chassis built by Mercedes-Benz.
This chassis is limited to smaller RVs, like luxury Class B vans and smaller Class C motorhomes.

There are many types of Class C motorhome chassis, but only the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis has a reputation for a providing the best RV fuel economy, and a top-of-the-line, smooth driving, car-like experience.

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We have a Winnebago/Itasca/Navion IQ and are super happy with it. I think a lot comes down to floor plan. We like the rear slide for the Queen bed and side slide for dining. We get good diesel mileage and it drives like a charm.

@KidzBox, Who makes the best Mercedes Class C, iRV2 Forums

This chassis went into production in 1995. RV manufacturers like Winnebago, Thor Motor Coach, and Coachmen have made small to mid-sized luxury RVs with Mercedes’ chassis ever since. Today they use the third-generation Mercedes chassis, known as the Mercedes-Benz VS30 Sprinter RV Chassis. They cost more than other RVs, but for many RVers, the higher sticker price is offset by advanced safety features not available in other motorhomes. For example, only a Mercedes chassis has Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Brake Assist, Active Distance Assist Distronic, and Attention Assist. Combined, they make the Mercedes Sprinter chassis a worthwhile investment to fans of this chassis model.

Class C motorhomes with a Mercedes Sprinter chassis are sold by the biggest RV manufacturers including Winnebago, Thor, Coachmen, and Leisure Travel Vans. All of their models have an MSRP of anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000 or more, depending the model and chosen options. Let’s review them now. Afterward, we discuss the pros and cons of a Class C RV with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis so keep reading!

A Round-up Of the Top 5 Mercedes-Benz Class C Motorhome Models

If you’re thinking about downsizing to a Class C motorhome, these small RVs are worth considering. They all feature:

  • Third generation Mercedes Sprinter chassis with 3.0 L 6-cylinder, 188-hp, turbo-diesel engine 7G -Tronic automatic transmission, and 220-amp. alternator.
  • Towing capability of 5 5,000-lb. drawbar/500-lb. maximum vertical tongue weight w/7-pin connector
  • MBUX® Touchscreen Multimedia Infotainment Center: Includes Navigation, WiFi hotspot, Intelligent Voice Control and Rear Color Camera

Winnebago Navion (24D, 24J, 24V)

The Winnebago Navion Class C RV comes in three different models, the 24D, 24J, and 24V. All have different seating and sleeping layouts, but they’re all exactly the same length (25’6″), diesel-powered, and share dozens of standout features including:

MSRP: Starting at $201,000
Exterior Length: 25’6″
GVWR: 11,030
Interior Height: 6’8″
Fresh Water Capacity: 30, 31, or 37 gal.
Gray & Black Water Capacity: 41 gal.

The Navion 24D floorplan features a U-shaped dinette or optional theater seating with swivel tables. It has the smallest Navion freshwater tank capacity at 30 gallons, and also has the smallest exterior storage capability at 30 cu. ft.

Navion 24D Floorplan. (Image: Winnebago)
Navion 24D Floorplan.

The Navion 24J floorplan includes the same dinette or theater seating options, but differs in that it has a rear bed and bath. It has the largest fresh water tank capacity at 37 gallons, and the most exterior storage space at 43 cu. ft.

Navion 24J floorplan (Image: Winnebago)
Navion 24J Floorplan.

And finally, the Navion 24V floorplan includes a TrueComfort sofa and table instead of dinette, and two twin beds with side bath. This model includes a 31 gallon fresh water tank capacity and 33.6 cu. ft. of exterior storage.

Navion 24V Floorplan (Image: Winnebago)
Navion 24V Floorplan.

All three units also include 200-watt solar panels, available dual lithium-ion batteries and 2kW inverter, 10 cu. ft. DC refrigerator/freezer, and hybrid LP/induction cooktop in the gourmet-worthy galley.

Learn About the Winnebago Navion

Thor Motor Coach Chateau Sprinter

Thor’s 2024 Chateau Sprinter Motorhome is available in two models, the 24LT and 24LW. Both have distinctly different floor plans, but share common features such as:

MSRP: Starting at $157,450
Exterior Length: 25’10”
GVWR: 11,030 lbs.
Interior Height: 7′
Fresh Water Capacity: 30 gal.
Gray & Black Water Capacity: 38 gal.

The Chateau 24LT floorplan features a sofa that converts into a Murphy Bed sleeping area. as well as a sleep-over cab bed. There is also a dinette booth eating arrangement. 

Thor 2024 Chateau Sprinter 24LT Floorplan (Image: Thor Motor Coach)

The Cheateau 24LW floorplan is a little more spacious. It includes a flip-up full size bed in the rear slideout, with a cab-over bunk bed too. There’s a booth dinette and also theatre seating with lounge chairs.

Thor 2024 Chateau Sprinter 24LW Floorplan (Image: Thor Motor Coach)
Thor 2024 Chateau Sprinter 24LW Floorplan

Both units share features such as a 12-volt refrigerator with Auto Generator start, bedroom 12V Outlet for CPAP machine, 4.0 kw LP Generator, 100-watt Solar Charging System with solar controller, and heated holding tanks.

Learn About the Thor Motor Coach Chateau Sprinter

Leisure Travel Vans Unity

Leisure Travel combines the best of a Sprinter van with a class C motorhome. Sleek and aerodynamic, the 2024 Unity RVs feature the detailed interior customizations these camper vans are known to offer. They come in six different floorplans and sleeping configurations that all share common features such as:

MSRP: Starting at $186,370
Exterior Length: 24’9″
GVWR: 11,000 lbs.
Interior Height: 6’5″
Fresh Water Capacity: 33.5 or 36.5 gal.
Gray & Black Water Capacity: 26.4 or 35 gal..

Unity Murphy Bed Floorplans

Unity FX Murphy Bed Floorplans (Image Travel Leisure)
Unity FX Murphy Bed Floorplans

For the most daytime versatility, the Unity Murphy Bed floorplans give you more living space in the day, and a large, king-sized sleeping area at night. 

Unity FX or Corner Bed Floorplans

Unity FX or Corner Bed Floorplans
Unity FX or Corner Bed Floorplans

The Unity FX Leisure Lounge System gives you the most flexibility in a floorplan. Enjoy the option to build configurations for dining, relaxing, and sleeping. It has two lounges and one Murphy bed. The Corner Bed floorplan is more like a motorhome, with a permanent bed that you never need to put away for travel or dining.

Unity Rear Lounge or Twin Bed Floorplans

Unity Rear Lounge or Twin Bed Floorplans (Image: Travel Leisure)
Unity Rear Lounge or Twin Bed Floorplans.

The Rear Lounge option gives you a Murphy bed option, and two separate living areas separated by residential-style bathroom. The Twin Bed option lets you enjoy having a permanent bed that makes spontaneous travel easy and fun.

Learn About the Leisure Travel Unity

Coachmen Prism

The Coachmen Prism Class C offers the lowest MSRP starting price, and the most floorplan choices out of any of our favorite Mercedes-Benz Class C motorhomes. It comes in two models, Select or Elite Each of the eight floorplans within those two lines are packed with all the great features and amenities usually only found in a much larger motorhome.  

MSRP: Starting at $158,459
Exterior Length: 24’11”
GVWR: 11,030 lbs.
Exterior Height: 10’9″
Fresh Water Capacity: 29 or 35 gal.
Black Water Capacity: 32 or 35 gal.

The size of Prism holding tanks is unclear, but what we do know is that the choices of floorplans are incredible for an RV of this size. Choose from queen, full, twin or Murphy bed configurations. 

Example of the Coachmen Prism Floorplans

Example of the Coachmen Prism Floorplans. (Image: Coachmen)
Example of the Coachmen Prism Floorplans (24CBS).

All models in this well built touring RV line share high-end features like 2″ Vacuum Bond Laminated Sidewalls, Lamilux™ 4000 Color Infused Fiberglass, Azdel “SuperLite” substrate with Aluminum Framing, Truma Aqua Go On Demand Water Heater, and are prepped for RV solar power.

Learn About the Coachmen Prism

Tiffin Wayfarer

The Tiffin brand is known for excellence and elegance, and their Wayfarer Class C motorhome does not disappoint as a luxury RV. With an integrated roof rack and exterior entertainment system, it’s sportier than most luxury Class C Mercedes motorhomes. But it still features the beautiful design and attention to detail that Tiffin’s reputation is built on. Buyers enjoy dozens of ways to personalize it too, from premium interior fabrics to the exterior paint. All, however include features such as:

MSRP: Starting at $ 200,947
Exterior Length: 25’8″
GVWR: 11,030
Interior Height: 6’6″
Fresh Water Capacity: 30, 32, or 38 gal.
Black Water Capacity: 28 gal.

The Wayfarer has many different sleeping configurations. From the queen walkaround Murphy bed, to twin bunks, and a booth dinette in every unit that converts into a bed, flexibility is one of it’s greatest assets. 

Tiffin Wayfarer floorplan examples.
Tiffin Wayfarer floorplan examples.

Wayfarers are equipped with standard features like a 3.2-Kilowatt Diesel Generator and 2,000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter, Centralized Exterior Sewer Bay with Gravity Black and Grey Evacuation Ports, and Girard® side-mounted powered patio awning with integrated LED lighting and built-in speakers. 

Learn About the Tiffin Wayfarer

Are they Worth the Money? The Pros and Cons of a Class C RV with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis

Any Class C motorhome with a Mercedes chassis has a higher MSRP and better RV resale value. Still, many people wonder if buying an RV with a Mercedes Sprinter chassis is worth paying more upfront. After all, most other RVs sit on a chassis that costs less and offers a higher towing capacity, like the Ford E-450 RV chassis. But if you ask the owner of an RV with a Mercedes chassis, they will tell you that the cost is worth it. 

If you can live within the weight constraints they really are awesome rigs. The little diesel is amazing and we consistently maintained 12-15 mpg even when towing. We’d slow on hills, but it never felt underpowered or like it couldn’t keep up. They are also a dream to drive. I often forgot I was driving an RV as it handled better than most 2500/3500 series pickups. Very easy to park and maneuver as well obviously. Mechanically, we never had a single issue and felt comfort knowing it could be serviced at any Mercedes dealer that also serviced Sprinter vans. For two adults or a small family that doesn’t feel compelled to bring ALL the toys all the time, they really are a fantastic option.

@hippopapamus, “Is a Sprinter Chassis the Right Choice?“, iRV2 Forums

Still, many other RVers insist that the cost of diesel fuel and engine maintenance are big reasons to avoid buying a motorhome with Mercedes-Benz chassis. The ongoing debate is similar to the old “Diesel Vs. Gas” debate among RV owners. 

A couple of things to consider. The diesel will get better gas mileage, but how many miles will you have to drive before you recover the additional cost of the diesel and diesel now seems to be more expensive than regular gas which the Ford E-450 burns. Also a diesel usually weighs more than gas and will limit carrying capacity. Although you do your own maintence, you still need parts and just about every town has a Ford dealer, Mercedes dealers are limited and their supply change can be a challenge. The Mercedes probably rides better, the Ford is acceptable. You will have more options for floor plans on the E-450 chassis.

@coachmanjay, iRV2 Forums member

Wrapping Up: Is a Mercedes-Benz Class C Right For You?

If you’re the type of RVer who values top-notch quality, long-lasting durability, and luxury, then you may want to buy an RV with a Mercedes-Benz Class C motorhome chassis. The initial cost of these RVs is substantial, but the long-term benefits—think fuel efficiency, low maintenance, and a lifetime of unforgettable road trips—make it an investment that’s hard to resist.

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