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How This RVing Couple Creates Amazing Camping Experiences for the Whole Family

Published on January 31st, 2024 by Robin Acutt
This post was updated on March 19th, 2024

While enjoying a recent camp cooked meal, courtesy of my wonderful wife, I was in the mood to ponder if there’s any differences in what RVing couples bring to the family RV trip experience.  To answer that question, I need to begin with a story about how we met.

My wife and I met while camping.

We were at a huge music festival, and luckily had friends who knew friends. We hit it off right away, a romance match made in heaven. I don’t think she realized I was a tent camping with some borrowed gear (she of course had her own stuff).  

A couple of weeks later, I offered to take her on a hike to some natural hot springs called Deep Creek, which is on the Mojave River. I figured it was a beautiful hidden spot that would dazzle her. The trip involved backpacking a couple of miles on trails to the hot springs, and then camping out overnight. She asked me if I had a sleeping bag. I scoffed “Don’t need one.”

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I thought I was being tough, but she wasn’t impressed. It seems she thought not having what you need was being more stupid than tough. Seems she may have been right, my blankets weren’t enough when the temperature dropped that night.

Now that I’m a bit wiser, it’s very clear to me that it sure is nice to have the things you need to camp in comfort. But at least I knew where the hot springs were…

How RVing Couples Create Great Camping Memories, Together

Robin and Carol Acutt (Image: Carol Acutt)
Robin and Carol Acutt (Image: Carol Acutt)

Fast forward twenty years and dozens of camping getaways later. We still love camping with each other. And we’ve figured out how to appreciate the resources each of us brings to the table, as well as where we need to ebb and flow in the great outdoors.

Here’s what my wife brings to the table:

She’s also great at creating family quality time, being in the moment and embracing the unknown (for instance, not worrying about how much battery power we’re using). And she makes good use of our camper’s amenities.

The Acutt family.

What do I provide?

  • Trip planning (i.e. finding attractions to explore, and things to do)
  • Hooking up the rig and driving
  • Campsite setup (landing the travel trailer, leveling and stabilizing, putting chairs out, etc)
  • Cooking outside on the firepit, meal eating (a crucial skill!), helping with the dishes
  • Cleaning outside the trailer, making coffee while she’s in bed, checking and maintaining the battery power
  • and dumping the tanks.

Finding Common Ground for Amazing Family Camping Adventures

Not to generalize, but whenever we’re out and about, I do for the most part see a pattern at work between the sexes who choose RV life. When it comes to RVing couples, men are good at finding outdoor adventure (even if we have to create them out of nothing) and shared experiences. Women excel at creating intimate gatherings with other RVers and building relationships on a camping trip.

But there are exceptions to these rules. If it wasn’t for my wife always pushing the boundaries, and seeking to amplify the RV lifestyle experience, then we wouldn’t even have our beloved Shasta trailer to camp in in the first place.

Now I haven’t even touched on the biggest camping getaway challenge for a couple; those unfortunate arguments that can erupt while backing up the trailer. That’s when one brain is saying things the other brain can’t comprehend (“I meant your other left!”).

But any differences pale when compared to our common ground. We both have a deep appreciation of nature, of each other, and love taking our kids on the open road. Nothing makes us happier than a game night around the campsite table, or laughing at family stories while stargazing around the campfire. These are the moments when our various skills come together to create the most amazing camping experiences. RVing couples like us know how to make memories of a lifetime.

RV relationships can be tricky!

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