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7 Best RV Laundry Solutions and Tips

Published on September 1st, 2021 by Ray & Tammy Roman
This post was updated on July 21st, 2023

Time to do your RV laundry? Here are my 7 best RV laundry solutions that will help you tackle this boring but much-needed task. After all, we can’t all go around wearing the same clothes day after day.

RV Laundry Solutions

1. Use the local laundromat

Of all the available options this is Tammy and I’s least favorite. Yes, going to a local laundromat will work. You’ll get your clothes washed and can dry them there as well. However, what we don’t like is the waiting.

If the local laundromat is busy you can count on sitting around for a couple of hours or more. But who really wants to do that, when you can be outdoors hiking or fishing. Not us that for sure.

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If you do decide to use a laundromat remember to bring your own detergent (we recommend Earth Breeze) and fabric softener. At the laundromat, those items are very expensive.

You are going to need quarters, lots of quarters so bring them along. Most laundromats do have change machines but sometimes they aren’t working.

Bring a book, music, your iPad, or a laptop. It’s very likely you will be there for quite a while so use the time to catch up on a book, your emails, or a good podcast. Our favorite podcast is the RV Entrepreneur Podcast.

Bring a hamper or a basket to carry your dirty clothes in. You’ll use the same to fold your clothes and carry them out.

For safety reasons, stay alert, and keep an eye out for your belongings.

2. Buy an RV Washer/Dryer Combo

The option Tammy and I recommend is to own your own washer and dryer. With the growing popularity of RVs, it’s possible your camper came with a washer and dryer to you have the opportunity when you purchased it to add it as an option.

The most popular unit is the combo washer/dryer. This machine washes your clothes and dries them. It all happens in the same machine. Below is an example of a combo washer/dryer.

WESTLAND Washer 24IN 115V 60HZ...
  • Reinforced internal circuitry and components - perfect for RV travel
  • Reduce Wrinkles wash feature and bi-directional dryer rotation combine to reduce both fabric creasing and wear on fabrics

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These are the pros and cons of using a combo RV washer/dryer.

> Quite easy to use> Can’t fit a lot of clothing
> Fits in a small space> Can easily be overloaded
> Conserves water> Drying takes a long time
> Can fit in a closet outfitted with plumbing

3. Hand Wash Your Clothes

This is my least favorite of the 7 best RV laundry solutions. Sometimes you just have to do things by hand and in this case, washing clothes by hand might be an option for you. Washing clothes by hand can get a bit tedious, especially if you are washing a lot of prices, however, if you keep it to small loads you should be fine.

You’ll want to have a portable clothesline to hang your clothes to dry. The portable clothesline below is easy to use and affordable.

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Besides the portable clothesline, you are going to need a few other items in order to hand wash your clothes. Here is a list:

This video discusses handwashing clothes using a washboard.

4. Use RV Park Laundry Facilities

Many RV parks have laundry facilities onsite. These facilities are usually not as big as a laundromat but you’ll find they are not used often so time spent doing laundry will be a lot less than a laundromat.

You can search the website Campground Reviews to see if the campground you plan to visit has laundry facilities.

Another location to do laundry if you still haven’t made it to your destination is truck stops. Most have laundry facilities that you can use. Though you may have to wait for your laundry to be done you can usually kill some time at the local diner and/or shopping for supplies.

5. Go Portable

Some RV owners simply don’t want to spend money on a combo washer/dryer and instead opt to purchase a portable washing machine. There are several models of portable washing machines but the one I recommend is this 17 lbs Compact Twin Tub. I’ve not tested this unit but it gets good reviews on Amazon.

No products found.

This portable washer only weighs 29 lbs and had two tubs. A 10 lbs tub for washing and 7 lbs tub for spin-drying.

There are other portable washers that you can buy including some manual spinning washers. Your preference, available space, and budget will determine what you eventually end up with.

6. Wash Small Loads Often

Regardless of which of the methods above you use for your RV laundry doing small loads is beneficial. If you wait too long to do laundry you may end up running out. Daily loads or every couple of days will help you avoid, overloading your washer and running out of clothes.

7. Use Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets

When it comes to which detergent to use for your RV laundry there are plenty to choose from. However, minimizing weight in an RV is something I always try to do. To save space and weight I have started using Earth Breeze Landry sheets.

If you want to learn more read my Earth Breeze review. You can buy them here.

Earth Breeze

Best RV Laundry Solutions Final Thoughts

Doing your RV laundry should not be an impossible task. With the above RV laundry solution, you should be able to easily take care of this sometimes tedious task without much of a hassle.

RVers Also Ask

How do you do laundry if you live in an RV?

In this article, we covered several ways you can do laundry if you live in an RV. You can use a local laundromat, the laundry facilities at your campground, your own combo RV washer/dryer or you can wash your RV laundry by hand.

Where do you store dirty laundry in an RV?

The best place to store laundry in an RV is in a clothes hamper. If you have a collapsible hamper that you can easily store the hamper when not in use. Some RVers have built a laundry chute that sends clothes down to the outside storage.

Can you put a washing machine in an RV?

Yes, assuming you have the room or an unused closet in your RV. The best RV washing machines to get are the combo washer/dryer or stackable washing machine as they both are compact.

How much can you wash in an RV washer?

How much you can wash in an RV washer depends on the model and loading capacity. For example, a typical RV washer can wash about 8-12 lbs of clothes at one time. A portable RV washer can wash about 5-6 lbs of clothes.

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