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How Much Do Truck Campers Cost? 17 Awesome Examples Included

Published on December 14th, 2019 by Ray & Tammy Roman
This post was updated on July 28th, 2021

How much do truck campers cost? A truck camper is a self-contained RV that sits atop the bed of a pickup. They are also known as cab-over campers, slide-in campers, and pick-up campers. Inside you will find features similar to other types of RVs such as a bedroom, toilet, shower, kitchen, and dinette.

A truck camper, also known as a pick-up camper, typically costs new anywhere from $8,000 – $40,000 on average. Some such as the Eagle Cap can go as high as $79,900. The price for used truck campers ranges from under $1,000 to $25,000 or more depending on condition, age, features, and brand.

How much do truck campers cost?

A truck camper is a narrow room, approximately 8 to 22 feet long that sits on the bed of your truck. They are made to fit most pickups on the road today. Models are usually made for short bed or long bed truck. They can be some of the least expensive types of RV, however, options can easily increase the price.

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For the price, you pay for a truck camper you get a bed that is usually located at the extended end that site over the cab of your pickup. A wet or dry bath a dinette or sitting area that converts to a bed, a small galley (small counter and propane burner), and storage space typically a clothes wardrobe.

How Much Do Truck Campers Cost?

We hope the information below will help answer the question of “How much do truck campers cost?”. Below you will find 17 examples of truck camper prices pulled from some of the most popular “truck campers for sale” websites.

2019 Lance 975 – $37,800

This pickup camper is one of the best looking on your list. Priced near the middle of our price range it comes equipped with a slide-out that adds more space and a dry bath as well. The floor-length is 10’4″ and the overall length is 19’5″ with an interior height of 79″. It can easily sleep 4 people and comes with lots of standard equipment including a Deluxe innerspring queen size mattress. The walls, floor, cab-over, and rood are all aluminum framed. Insulation with block foam and the interior walls are Azdel. The weight is all under 4,000 lbs.

2019 Forest River Palomino (Soft-Side)  – $11,999

Starting at just a bit over $10,000 these soft-sided truck campers are perfect for those with a limited budget. The SS-500 might be small but inside you’ll find a 60 x 76 innerspring mattress, a 2-burner cook-top and sink, a small fridge, storage, and ample seating. The floor-length is 6 feet, while the exterior length is 12’8″. The weight of this camper is just 1,197 lbs.

2020 Adventurer Eagle Cap 1200- $58,985

This is one of the most expensive on our list but it is also one of the biggest models as well. The Eagle Cap gives you 100 sq.ft. of floor space which is quite a lot for truck campers. Inside you are going to find luxury throughout. The bed is a 72″ x 84″ California King, with nightstands and cabinets on either side. In the bathroom, you’ll find a separate toilet and shower and in the galley, you get a fridge, a 3-burner stove with a double sink. Two sofas, wardrobe round out the interior of the Eagle Cap.

2020 Host Mammoth – $68,999

Let us get one thing out of the way first and that is the Host Mammoth is huge for a truck camper. It has an overall length of 19″ 3″ and a floor-length of 11″ 6″. The dry weight on this camper is 4,700 lbs. What makes the Mammoth so big is the 3 slide-outs that add a ton of interior space, 180 square feet. All this weight and size needs one heck of a big truck such as a 3500/F-350 dual rear wheel. Expect to need at a minimum of 5,500-pound payload capacity.

2019 Northwood Arctic Fox – $29,990

The Northwood truck camper Arctic Fox comes in 8-floor layouts and some of a couple of variations of the floor plans such as the 1150 floor plan. Some of the features of this camper included fully-welded, thank -wall aluminum frame construction, one-piece, Corona treated continuous fiberglass, polyurethane, multi-layered substrate walls, and four-seasons foam block insulation. Inside you will find a cathedral arched ceiling, dinette set, heated holding tanks, LED lights and much more. For the price, you get quite a lot with the Northwood Arctic Fox.

2020 Northern Lite 10.2 EX Limited – $49,275

Another excellent and distinctive truck camper with an above-average price tag. It is however fully featured and includes standard equipment usually not found in other similar campers. For starters feature a 14′ basement that is heated with enclosed tanks. The bed is a 60 x 80 queen and the bathroom is a dry bath. It has a dry weight of 3,265 lbs and an over a length of 218 inches. The overall height is 106 inches and the width is 98 inches. Inside there is room for 4 people to sleep and a 39 x 75-inch dinette. The interior headroom is a comfy 80 inches. Lots of optional equipment round out the package.

2020 Travel Lite Super Lite 590 – $12,695

On the lower end of the price scale is the Travel Lite Super Lite 590. Travel Lite makes 7 different truck camper floor plans at different price levels. The Super Lite 590 starts at a little over $12,500. It includes a 48″ 79″ bed in the cab-over area, 3-way 2 cubic foot refrigerator, a 79″ dinette with an indoor/outdoor table, two-burner stove, and ample seating. The exterior length of the 590 SL is 10′ 3″ and the available interior floor-length is 5′ 9″. Interior height is 6′ 9″ so most folks should be able to walk around the inside comfortable. It is rated for a half-ton pickup.

2020 Adventurer 80RB – $24,207

The Adventurer 80RB is around the mid-range price for a truck camper. This model is designed to fit super-short (5 1/2 feet). short (6 feet to 6 3/4 feet), and long-bed (8 feet) pickups. In it, you will find a bathroom with a shower and toilet as standard equipment. The bathroom itself is a comfortable size. This pickup camper is lightweight and has a far forward COG (center of gravity). It also includes a 72″ toll-over sofa that converts into a 40″ x 72″ bed which combined with the cab-over bed allows up to 4 people to sleep comfortably.  The 80RB has a dry weight of 1,819 lbs.

2019 Northwood Wolf Creek 850 – $33,985

The Northwood Wolf Creek 850 features a fully welded thick wall aluminum frame construction and the shell is a one-piece Corona treated continuous fiberglass shelf. In addition, the walls are a hot polyurethane laminated multilayered substrate with high-density foam insulation.
Inside the 8:50 you’re going to find a 58 inch by 80-inch bed that’s it’s over the cab-over area. The living area consists of an optional rollover sofa you can also get an optional bunk bed in this model you’ll have a fridge a wet bath and they 3 burner stove with sink and overhead storage.

The dry weight under Wolf Creek 850 is 2008 lbs and the interior height is 6 feet 6 inches period the floor-length is 8 feet 8 inches and the overall length of this truck camper is 16 feet 2 inches. It has a sleeping capacity of 4 people.

2019 Host Cascade 10.6 Smokey River – $52,911

The Host Cascade is a 10 feet 6-inch double slideout truck camper. The list of standard features is quite awesome at this price range.
The construction of this truck camper is ultra-light 100% aluminum the outside is complete fiberglass with exterior graphics. The walls are vacuum-bonded foam insulated and that’s the floor and ceiling as well and the roof is a one-piece TPO roof.

The dry weight of the host drop camper is 3498 pounds it has a width of 96 inches any overall length of 18 feet 5 inches. Inside the interior height of 78 inches and the floor-length is 129 inches.

There is a host of options that you can purchase for this camper and those include a King bed, you can add synthetic leather on the rear sofa, you can add theater seating with an L shaped dinette as well as adding exterior speakers. Extras also include 2.5 KW LP Onan Generator
9,000 BTU Low Profile Air Conditioner (for use with portable 2000 watt Generator), 11,000 BTU Low Profile Air Conditioner, DSI Propane/Electric Water Heater (Propane only water heater Std), 160 Watt Solar Panel w/ Digital Monitor System, Dual Batteries, Swing Out, Jack Brackets, Power Passenger Side Awning.

2020 Palomino Real-Lite HS-1912 (Hard-Side) – $25,995

The Palomino real light truck camper comes in both a hard -side and a soft side. model. This truck camper model features a 60″ by 85″ innerspring mattress. In the sleeping area, you’re going to find a wraparound nightstand, a chest drawer, and a closet. In the living space which is very spacious, you will have a 40 inch by 62-inch dinette a refrigerator a wet-bath a pantry in the kitchen, and a three burner stove with microwave overhead and a sink.

This camper features LED interior lighting, battery quick disconnect, ball-bearing drawer guides, Congoleum flooring, mortice and Tenon Walnut hardwood cabinets, an aluminum frame construction. You’ll also find that it is prep for solar energy.

The overall length is 19 feet and that includes the latter, the overall width of this camper is 8 feet 2 inches. Inside the floor-length is 9 feet and the interior height is 6 feet 10 inches.  The dry weight is 3261 pounds in the center of gravity is 37 inches.

2020 Northwood Arctic Fox 900 Long Bed – $36,988

The Northward Arctic Fox 990 is made for a long bed pickup truck. This fully-featured truck camper includes rear electric awning, dual 30 pounds propane tanks, roof rack and ladder, Reico Titan electric jacks with 6-function remote, a large 6 cubic feet two-way refrigerator a large 22-inch oven microwave.

construction on this model is the same as all the other Northwood truck campers, it includes a fully welded thick wall aluminum frame, the one-piece Corona treated continuous fiberglass shell, and hot polyurethane laminated multilayered substrate walls. It also includes all conditions for seasons foam block insulation.

the dry weight under Northwood 990 is 3010 pounds, the interior height is 6 feet 7 inches, the floor-length is 9 feet 10 inches, and the overall length is 17 feet 6 inches. it has a sleeping capacity of 4.

There are several dozen extras that you can buy and those include T 32 inch 12 Volt LED TV thermal pane windows, 2.5 Onan propane generator, 100 Watt solar panel, overhead bunk in the dinette area, and many more.

2020 Northstar Laredo SC – $26,845

The Laredo SC is built by Northstar campers. This truck camper is the perfect companion for couples and families alike. The interior floor-length is 8 feet 6 inches, and it can be built to fit both for short bed and long bed half-ton and larger full-size trucks.

The Laredo SC is loaded with features including a Dometic 3.7 feet 3-way refrigerator A12K BTU auto ignition low amperage draw furnace with digital thermostat, a 3 burner stove, interior shower with cassette toilet, block foam insulation, and it’s pre-wired for AC, electric jacks, and solar.

You’ll also find on the Laredo SC a walk on rubber roof with a ladder, 6-inch gel memory high-density foam mattress, exit vent in the cab over, interior, and exterior 110 Volt outlets.

The dry weight is 2090 pounds, interior height on the Laredo SC is 6 feet 4 inches, the exterior height is 8 feet and that’s with the optional air conditioner, the overall length of this truck camper is 15 feet 11 inches.

Inside, the floor-length is 8 feet 6 inches comma the cab over bed size is 60 inches by 80 inches comma the dinette length is 36 inches by 73 inches. The approximate center of gravity is 32 inches from the lower front wall going real word.

2020 Lance Short Bed 855S – $53,769

how much do truck campers cost

The Lance 6 foot short bed 855 S is one of the few short campers that has a little bit more space than other similar models period there is a slideout that allows for a dinette that can seat 4 people while also converting into a bed that sleeps 2.

The 855Se has most of the features of its bigger models, including LED lighting aerodynamic nose cap, electric jacks with wireless remote, fiberglass high gloss exterior, laminated fiberglass bonded exterior with PWP substrate, a one-piece form TPO cab over front cap, radius entry door with window, and skylight with dual pane over the galley.

Inside this Lance truck camper, you’re going to find a comfortable bed Queen size with a TV stand and nightstand and wardrobe closet, in the living area you’ll find a wet bath, more storage a refrigerator, a 3 burner stove and a sink with overhead storage as well.

The 855 S has an overall length of 18 feet, and in the interior, you’ll find a floor-length of 8 feet 11 inches. The exterior height with the optional AC unit is 8 feet 9 inches and the interior height is 81 inches.

The dry weight with standard equipment is 2997 pounds period and the sleeping capacity is 4 to 5 people.

2020 BigFoot 2500 9.4 Series Short Bed – $41,525

The 2500 series truck campers from Bigfoot RV are the 9.4 and the 9.6 which are both available in a short box and long box version. The price of this truck camper is in the high end of the truck camper price range. This series of campers features R8 one and a half-inch high-density EPS insulation along with a 30,000 BTU furnace for all-weather comfort. Standard on this series is such things as electric jacks, rear door awnings, microwaves, and living room skylights.

A host of standard features include aluminum rear platform bumper step, Battery disconnect, black tank rinse, detachable 30M power cord, dual propane tanks, LCD TV prep package with wall bracket and HDMI wall outlet, LED interior lighting a microwave, oven and range tab with cover.

Like most other truck campers you have a list of available options that include an awning, and 11,000 BTU air conditioner, crank up TV antenna, exterior speakers, optical rear vision door, wireless rearview Camera, and solar energy is also available.

The overall length on this pic for RV truck camper is 16 feet 6 inches and the overall height is 8 feet 3 inches. Inside the interior headroom is 6 feet 4 inches and the dry weight for this truck camper is 2980 pounds.

2018 Rugged Mountain Polar 860 – $19,988

The Rugged Mount truck camper is a model then you can find used at a reasonable price. The polar 860 is a truck camper that includes 60″ by 80″ mattress cabinets on either side of the bed hampers on either side a closet in a TV stand as well. In the living area, you will find a wet bath clothes wardrobe, a 3-burner range with a microwave above, a sink with overhead cabinets, a slide-out that allows you to have a dinette I can easily sit 4 people and a 5 cubic foot refrigerator.

The Rugged Mountain Polar 860 is a long bed truck camper with a dry weight of 3140 pounds. The overall length is 15 feet 11 inches and it has dual 5-gallon tank liquid propane gas.

2018 nuCamp Cirrus 820 – $27,995

The nuCamp Cirrus 820 as of this date is still being manufactured. Used models are hard to come by, but can still be found. nuCamp includes in their truck campers systems and materials usually not found in their competitors. For example, they use the ALSDE hydronic heating system, INFINITY flooring, and the FROLI sleep system. The Cirrus 820 includes the cab-over sleep area with a 60-inch x 90-inch mattress, a swing-out TV in the corner, and storage space to the side of the bed and also above. In the living area, you’ll find a dinette, 2-burner stove, sink 5-cubic foot fridge and a wardrobe closet. The bathroom is a wet bath.

Specifications include a floor-length of 8 feet 6 inches, and overall length of 15 feet 4 inches, and an interior height of 6 feet 6 inches. You also get two 20 lbs propane tanks, ALDE radiant heat system and a 9,200 BTU air conditioner. The dry weight is 2,685 lbs.

Cost of Living In a Truck Camper?

There is more than just the price you will pay for the truck camper. There are maintenance costs and if you intend to live in your pickup camper than another host of expenses you need to consider. The video below goes over the expenses you might expect living in your truck camper.

Summary of How Much Do Truck Campers Cost?

As you can see by the examples above, the price of a truck camper varies based on the year it was built, who manufactured the TC, and the features and amenities.

In some cases you are going to pay a lot of money for a pickup camper, however, those on the high end of the price range are loaded with the standard equipment you typically have to purchase on other lower-priced models. Like buying any travel trailers, you need to do your research, assess your needs and take into account your budget.

For more research, you can read our article on the Best Truck Campers for 2020 or if you want to consider regular campers take a look at our list of Best Travel Trailer Brands.

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