The Best Lightweight Travel Trailer for Small Families and Couples

Published on September 6th, 2023 by Rene Agredano
This post was updated on September 14th, 2023

Looking for the perfect lightweight travel trailer for your small family? Or, for you and a partner? Look no further than the Forest River r-pod RP-202. The unique design of this compact and versatile RV provides a comfortable and convenient camping experience.

In this article, we hear from RV Living reader and first-time RV owner Sky Arvin. She’s a proud owner of the Forest River r-pod RP-202.

r-pod RP-202 Mammoth Caves campsite (Image with permission: Sky Arvin)
r-pod RP-202 Mammoth Caves campsite (Image: Sky Arvin)

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Sky shares how she enjoys all the camper’s features. She believes trailer is a great choice for camping with kids, pets, or all alone. Read on to learn more about a fun little trailer for experienced or first-time RV buyers.

The r-pod RP-202: One RVing Mom’s Experience

Sky Arvin is a happy R-POD RP202 owner. She can’t contain her excitement about this remarkable travel trailer. Recently she wrote to tell us about her fun, small camper after noticing we didn’t include it in our recent article “Affordable Travel Trailers Under $40,000.” 

Forest River r-pod RP-202 floorplan
Forest River r-pod RP-202 floorplan

Exceeds all expectations

I own one and she’s amazing. Double axle, slide, separate bedroom with walk-around queen bed, full-across bathroom with large shower, and an entertainment center with fireplace directly across from the seating.

Content creators are really sleeping on this trailer. And it’s light. At 25′ long, it weighs in at around 4800 lbs.

Fully equipped for camping (and empty tanks), I’m right under 5000 lbs and can tow it with my Jeep Grand Cherokee with a factory-installed tow package. I still have about 1200 lb tow capacity and 200 lbs of payload left. Important note: I travel solo and light. I’m not taking a bunch of kids or stuff; if you travel that way, a Grand Cherokee won’t cut it because your payload will be gone in a flash.

And her price? Mine is a 2022 and I got it brand new from the factory with the solar package, ducting upgrades, WDH hitch add-on, and electric brake controller for about $32k total.

Sky Arvin
Towing calculator for Sky's Jeep Grand Cherokee
Towing calculator for Sky’s Jeep Grand Cherokee

As a first-time RV buyer, Sky did tons of research on the best small travel trailers on the market right now. She had specific requirements in mind for her first RV. The camper needed separate sleeping spaces for herself and her teenage son. And it also needed a well-designed entertainment area. The Forest River r-pod R-P202 exceeds all of those wish-list items with a perfect combo of comfort and convenience.

r-pod RP-202 galley (Image with permission: Sky Arvin)
The r-pod RP-202 galley (Image: Sky Arvin)

Come Home to The Best Lightweight Travel Trailer for Small Families

According to Sky, “When I stepped into a 2022 R-Pod 202, it was really one of those ‘I’m home’ moments.”

It’s a trailer that stands out from other RVs she considered buying. The r-pod RP-202 won her over for many reasons, especially the comfortable seating area directly facing the television. It’s a mini-entertainment center that’s also a cozy spot for movie nights.

Movie nights with the r-pod RP-202 entertainment center (Image: Sky Arvin)
Movie nights with the r-pod RP-202 entertainment center (Image: Sky Arvin)

nearly every camper had a seating area that faced either the kitchen or the bathroom, not the television. If you wanted to watch a movie or show, you were turning sideways. Have you ever binged a full season of Grey’s Anatomy while camping? Well, you sure won’t with that awkward viewing angle.

Sky Arvin

r-pod RP-202 Specifications

Hitch Weight: 506 lbs.
Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 4,868 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity: 2,638 lbs.
Exterior Length: 25′
Exterior Height: 10′ 7″
Fresh Water Tank: 30 gal.
Gray Water Tank: 60 gal.
Black Water Tank: 30 gal.
r-pod RP-202 at truck stop next to Class A RV coach (Image with permission: Sky Arvin)
r-pod RP-202 at truck stop next to Class A RV coach (Image: Sky Arvin)

Top 3 Amenities for the r-pod RP-202

Sky praised the r-pod RP-202’s functional amenities, highlighting features that make a difference in camping comfort, such as:

Residential Style Appliances and Space Design

“The r-pod had features I couldn’t find in other campers. Like a decent-sized fridge with a separate freezer, a full-width bathroom, and a roomy shower.” These amenities help her feel right at home, even though she’s in a small camper.

The walk-around queen bed provides a cozy retreat for Sky. Her teenage son loves the separate sleeping area.

Outdoor Living and Pet-Friendly Features

Sky enjoys the outdoor living experience with the r-pod RP-202. “I loved the outdoor mini-fridge and griddle!” She says these features add an extra level of convenience. Outdoor cooking is a joy now. 

Sky also appreciates the r-pod RP-202’s pet-friendly design. This small lightweight travel trailer for families makes it easy to bring their beloved family cat along for the camping adventures.

Solid Construction Built to Last

Sky says her research paid off when she discovered the r-pod RP-202’s solid build quality and user-friendly design. “Nearly every issue I’ve had with my camper was either recalls that were fixed well or, ahem, ‘user error.’ I truly thought this would be my ‘starter camper.’

But the more time I spend with it, the more I feel this could very well be my ‘forever camper.'” The r-pod RP-202’s durability and ease of use makes her consider it a long-term investment.

Built for Lasting, Memorable Camping Experiences

r-pod RP-202 St. Clair campsite patio (Image: Sky Arvin)
r-pod RP-202 St. Clair campsite patio (Image with permission: Sky Arvin)

The r-pod RP-202 is the catalyst for memorable camping experiences Sky and her son enjoy all year long. Sky shared their adventures, saying, “We visited Niagara Falls, took a cruise to Nova Scotia, and explored local attractions. The r-pod RP-202 serves as our comfortable home base. It allows us to create lasting memories together.”

r-pod RP-202 walk-around queen bed (Image with permission: Sky Arvin)
r-pod RP-202 walk-around queen bed (Image: Sky Arvin)

Of course, even the best family RVs have room for improvement. For example:

“Reinforcing the pantry and closet floors would be beneficial,” says Sky. Also, “There is no kitchen storage in the form of drawers. None. Handy folks install brackets and pull-out shelves. Adding at least one drawer or slide-out shelf somewhere in the kitchen for utensils would be a really nice touch for buyers.” She also believes that simplifying the draining process by integrating all the gray and black tanks into a single valve is an ideal upgrade.

Discover the Best Small Camper for Families Like Yours!

r-pod RP-202 fall Halloween campsite patio in Wilmington, NC (Image with permission: Sky Arvin)
r-pod RP-202 fall Halloween campsite patio in Wilmington, NC (Image: Sky Arvin)

“I love my r-pod, whom I’ve named Banshee after my very favorite roller coaster at King’s Island. It also works well with my Jeep’s name, which is Ghost,” says Sky. “I had been camping with friends before, and this R-Pod had everyone else’s larger campers beat. Well, except for the fifth-wheels two of my friends own. Those are a whole ‘nother income bracket.”

A lightweight travel trailer for small families that combines comfort, functionality, and convenience is hard to find. But the Forest River r-pod RP-202 is the exception. Sky Arvin’s firsthand experience and love for the camper highlights the remarkable features of the r-pod RP-202.

r-pod RP-202 couch with RVing cat (Image with permission: Sky Arvin)
r-pod RP-202 couch with RVing cat (Image: Sky Arvin)

From the well-designed floor plan, to it’s functional amenities, outdoor convenience, and solid construction, this little camper unlocks endless opportunities for awesome adventures.

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