How to Go RVing with Cannabis (Legally)

Your quick start guide to  stay within US & Canadian law

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by Rene Agredano

Even if your RV is a full-time home, RVing with cannabis is tricky (and sometimes illegal). Here's what you need to know about the most current laws in the U.S. and Canada.

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cannabis is illegal at the federal level

In the U.S., cannabis is technically as illegal as heroin or cocaine.

The Problem of RVing with Cannabis Products

Busted smoking in a national park?

Even in states where cannabis is legal, it's still a felony to consume on federal property.

The feds regulate interstate commerce

Get any kind of moving violation while RVing with cannabis, and you could be convicted of drug trafficking.

Canada legalized cannabis in 2018, but provincial laws can vary.

Taking cannabis products across the Canadian border is 100% illegal.

Consuming in federal parks is OK if you abide by location rules.

Can your RV be searched for cannabis?

Police officers CAN enter RVs without a search warrant. 

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That's IF the officer has probable cause to believe illegal marijuana products are on-board.

U.S. and Canadian cannabis laws are confusing.

Just remember these 4 rules to stay legal when RVing with cannabis

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The 4 Rules of RVing with Cannabis

Private RV parks can make their own rules.

Public use is usually illegal.

Never carry it across international borders.

Driving stoned is a fast lane to jail.