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What are hybrid travel trailers?

Published on July 21st, 2018 by Ray & Tammy Roman
This post was updated on February 14th, 2021

A hybrid travel trailer combines the advantages of a hard-sided camper with the true feel of a pop-up camper. The best of both worlds without sacrificing comfort and safety. A practical solution for those who prefer to tow a smaller travel trailer but still need sufficient sleeping capacity.

hybrid travel trailers

6 Hybrid Travel Trailers Models To Consider

Below is our list of the top 7 you should consider.

  • Jayco Feather 7
  • Flagstaff Shamrock
  • Rockwood Roo
  • Coleman 1601EXP
  • Kodiak 172E
  • Palomino Solaire

Below we’ll take a look at these 6 hybrid travel trailers in a little more detail.

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Jayco Feather 7

The Jayco Feather 7 is available in (2) floor plans that offer expandable tent sides. THe 16XRB and the 17XFD.

Below is the 16XRB floor plan showing the two tent extension on either side.

hybrid travel trailers

The Jay Feather 7 can easily be towed by a minivan and has a front and rear tent. The tents are water-repellent and scratch resistant. They are made from DuraTek vinyl a Jayco product. The tents include zippered windows and have a 5-year warranty. 6-7 people can sleep in this hybrid trailer.

These are some of the specifications of the Jay Feather 7:

  • GVWR is 3,740 lbs
  • Exterior length is 18-feet 10-inches
  • Exterior width is 85-inches
  • Interior height is 78-inches
  • Freshwater capacity is 25.6 gallons
  • The water heater is 6 gallons

Flagstaff Shamrock

The Flagstaff Shamrock is available in (10) floorplans all offering two or three 60 x 80 tent bens expandable. Below is the floor plan for the 183 model showing the 3 beds.

Flagstaff Shamrock hybrid camper

The Shamrock is lightweight and can be towed by an SUV or possibly a minivan. Check your dealer to make sure since Flagstaff did not post GVWR on this particular model. As stated above this model comes with either two tent beds or three adding lots of sleeping capacity to a fairly small hybrid travel trailer.

These are some of the specifications of the Flagstaff Shamrock:

  • UVW (Unloaded vehicle weight) is 3,904 lbs
  • Exterior length is 21-feet 3-inches
  • Exterior width is 96-inches
  • Awning size 15-feet
  • Freshwater capacity is 43 gallons

Overall the Flagstaff Shamrock is a very well-appointed travel trailer with plenty of room and sleeping capacity. To see all of the features of the Shamrock take a look at their website.

Rockwood Roo

The Rockwood Roo is a Forest River product like the Shamrock above. For all intents and purposes, they both share almost identical floor plans. The feature list is practically the same and so are the specifications as well. Rather than show you a floor plan we have chosen a nice image of the exterior as it does differ from the Shamrock.

Rockwood Roo hybrid tent camper

These are some of the specifications of the Rockwood Roo:

  • UVW (Unloaded vehicle weight) is 3,904 lbs
  • Exterior length is 21-feet 3-inches
  • Exterior width is 96-inches
  • Awning size 15-feet
  • Freshwater capacity is 43 gallons

Even the exterior of the Shamrock and Roo share similarities.  Both are excellent hybrid travel trailers.

Coleman 1601EXP

Coleman makes several models of small and lightweight travel trailers. The 1601EXP Light LX Series is one of their hybrid models that we really like. It has a 60 x 80 tent bed on either side along with a very nicely laid out interior.

Coleman 1601EXP hybrid camper floor plan

This Coleman hybrid travel trailer is loaded with features typically found in a much larger travel trailer. Here are some of the specifications of the 1601EXP.

  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight is 3,283 lbs
  • Cargo capacity is 1,557 lbs
  • Exterior length is 18-feet 10-inches
  • Exterior height is 10-feet
  • Freshwater capacity is 52 gallons

The 1601EXP comes in two fabric styles the Mackinac and the Shoreline decor. We like the look of this travel trailer and the interior layout is very well designed. To see all of the Coleman travel trailers you can visit their website here.

Kodiak Cub 172E

The Kodiak Cub is a hybrid travel trailer that comes in 3 different floor plans. Let’s take a look at the 172E below.

Kodiak Cub 172E hybrid tent camper floor plan

This floor plan has a 60 x 80 tent bed on either side and it, like the Coleman above, has a very well-design and practical layout. Having an individual shower and toilet is something we always look for in a travel trailer. We are not big fans of those wet-baths.

Kodiak Cub Specification:

  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight is 3,224 lbs
  • Cargo capacity is 626 lbs
  • Exterior length is 18-feet 10-inches
  • Exterior height is 10-feet
  • Freshwater capacity is 52 gallons

To see all of the Dutchmen Kodiak models click here.

Palomino Solaire Expandables

Palomino RV makes the Solaire in two models. A regular hard-sided model and an expandable or hybrid model. The Solaire expandable travel trailers have a complete aluminum framed superstructure. The 60 x 80 tent bed is a queen bed. The roof is laminated for strength. There are (3) floor plans including the 185X which has 3 tent beds.

Palomino Solaire Expandable tent camper

This model is going to give you the most sleeping capacity. The shower and toilet are separate which is a big plus in our book. The 15-foot awning is also nice to have as is the wardrobe and dinette. Let take a quick look at some of the specifications of the 185X. To see all models of the Palomino Solaire you can click here.

  • GVWR is 5,630 lbs
  • Exterior length is 25-feet 11-inches
  • Exterior width is 96-inches
  • Exterior height is 10-feet 1-inch
  • Freshwater capacity is 50 gallons
  • Awning size 15-feet

Hybrid Travel Trailers Summary

Hybrid or expandable travel trailers are going to give you more sleeping capacity in a small package. If you have no need to buy a big pickup to tow a travel trailer but still want the additional capacity then a hybrid camper might be your best option.

As always we recommend you do your research, take the time to view some of these in person if you can, stay within your budget, and don’t buy on impulse.

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