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5 Best Small Class A RVS [Under 30 feet With Videos]

Published on November 17th, 2021 by Ray & Tammy Roman
This post was updated on February 3rd, 2022

If you’re looking for a compact RV that can access almost all the RV prerequisites and offer you decent family touring capability simultaneously, going for the best small Class A RVs under 30 feet would be the right thing to do!

best small class a rv

If you’re an RV expert, you might already know that different RV spots like national parks and reserves have legal bindings, which you’d have to meet to park your RV there.

And many of these RV sites don’t allow vehicles over 30 feet on their premises.

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That’s why getting RVs under 30 feet would let you enter almost all your favorite spots while also providing you with substantial space!

Best Small Class A RVs Under 30 Feet in 2021

Let’s not wait further and have a look at some of the best small Class A RVS!

1. Thor Axis 27.7

First, we’re going to talk about Thor’s Axis 27.7. Coming with Ford’s E Series chassis, you’ll get a highly reliable driving experience for longer trips.

Touchscreen dashboard, backup and side view cams would offer you exceptional navigation capabilities.

The RV provides you with an unbelievable 8000 LBS towing ability which should offer you sufficient power to get things moving while everything is on board.

Furthermore, you’re also getting all the home amenities like stylish cabinets, hardware with nickel finishing, and LED lighting capability!

The kitchen, a full-fledged bathroom, and seating options will make you feel at home every time!

But all that being said, it can be prone to wear like any item. But overall, if you’re looking for the best class A diesel RV under 30 feet, it’s a decent RV to go ahead with!


  • Comes with a powerful 8000 lbs towing capability
  • Stylish cabinets and nickel hardware finishing make it aesthetically pleasing
  • Added kitchen and sitting arrangement for exceptional dining
  • A full-fledged bathroom offers a comfortable trip


  • Can be prone to wearing at times

2. Vista by Winnebago

Another of our favorite small Class a RVS, we have Winnebago’s Vista. The powerful v10 engine with a durable Ford chassis similar to the Thor Axis 27.7 makes it a power-player on the road for a smooth ride.

The added power awning offers incredible safety from heat and rain.

If you’re looking for a spacious RV to house all your equipment, this one should be a good match as its’ roomy interior offers just that.

Plus, for evening entertainment sessions with the family, you’re getting a TV and a built-in stereo system too!

This large RV offers sleeping space for up to 8 individuals, which is pretty good! Leakage can be an issue with some units but all things considered, this should be a top-notch RV to start the journey!


  • Spacious interior lets users store more
  • Added TV and stereo sets for entertainment
  • Power awning increases safety
  • Sleeping space for up to 8 people


  • Leakages can be an issue

3. Fleetwood Flair

At number 3, we have Fleetwood’s Flair. Similar to the Vista by Winnebago, this one too comes with a tremendously powerful V10 engine along with a heavy-duty Ford chassis for an outstanding driving experience.

It’s a slide-out RV, which means you’re not running short of space.

Power awning is there too for extended safety. And you have the entertainment basics as well, like a large 50” TV outside!

The interior is packed with elegant appliances like cabinets, furniture, a stove, and a shower bathroom.

This one can have slight pump issues like any other RVs, but on the whole, you’re good to go with this one.


  • Powerful V10 engine gives a smooth ride
  • The slide-out mechanism increases space
  • Power awning improves the safety
  • Elegant interior and large TV add more convenience


  • Can have slight pump issues

4. Coachmen Pursuit Precision 27DS

In the final parts, we have the Pursuit Precision 27DS small class A RV diesel by Coachmen.

If you have a large family and are looking for a big RV like Vista by Winnebago, this one can be a good add-on. Up to 8 people have sleeping areas thanks to the spacious design of the RV.

You’re also getting quality entertainment with multiple TVs, DVD players, and stereo sets.

Plus, all the household items would be there too; the kitchen comes with a fridge, microwave, and added counters and benches which make it feel right at home.

Poor build quality can be an issue, but overall, this should be a quality investment!


  • Spacious interior lets 8 people sleep
  • Multiple TVs, DVD and stereo, offers quality entertainment
  • Exceptional home-like arrangements
  • Stylish outer design


  • Poor build quality can be an issue

5. Bay Star Sport 2905- Newmar

The final 30-foot class A diesel motorhome on the list is the Newmar’s Bay Star Sport! Similar to the Fleetwood Flair, Bay Star Sport 2905 also comes with a heavy-duty v10 engine to power through the ride.

Coming with 3 slide-outs, this one is tremendously compact while riding and highly spacious while parked.

Power leveling jacks make it tremendously easy for you to set up the RV for the long haul.

You’re also getting house-like living with a fridge, stoves, and an overhead fan.

This one can have slight leakage issues at times, but all in all, this is surely a good pick!


  • Powered by V10 engine for effortless use
  • Power levelling jacks ease parking and set up
  • Highly spacious design with 3 slide outs
  • House-like living with facilities


  • Can have leakage issues sometimes

Best Small Class A RVS – final Thoughts

We’ve brought in some of the best small A RVs under 30 feet in our highly detailed guide. Due to the smart size, you’ll get substantial space for bringing in a large family while accessing the most favorite RV spots due to their small size.

Plus, most class A RVs come with exceptional features like a full-fledged kitchen, bathroom with shower, dining space, convertible table, TV, and stereo sets, making them a home alternative in the woods!

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best class A RV under 30 feet and start heading for the next mountain right now!

If a Class C is more to your liking check out our Top 5 Best Class C RVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shortest class A RV?

The Thor Axis 24.1 is the shortest Class A RV. We prefer the Axis 27.7 even though it is not the shortest

What is the most reliable Class A RV?

Forest River and Winnebago are some of the most reliable class A RVs. At the high-end, you’ll find Newell, Entegra, and Dynamax to be quite reliable.

What is the most popular small RV?

Jayco is perhaps the most popular small RV.

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